Carrot Caviar, Ratatouille 2Ways and Other Quick Eats

I think it’s about time I made a homage to good old Home Cooking after all the eat outs and exciting foodie adventures. I’m so glad to be able to experience the best of both worlds, in amongst my trampings around Seoul I must share our moments around our blue tartan table.

An oldie but goodie, this fresh tofu, tomato and courgette salad made it’s way to a fancy up do when the left over showed up again in our second Giant Mandu meal.

This time they’re Tofu Sliders with Carrot Caviar! YUMMO. Super fresh, sweet and delicate, just grate the carrots finely and enjoy. So easy to do, just a bit of elbow grease and you’ve created something fancy.

Sad to say, we finished the last of our giant mandu BUT I did find it closer to our home just by accident. I swear I had a little chuckle, giggle and a skip and a hop when I saw it. What have I become? *shame shame*

Another giant find were these huge Donkatsu and Meat Pattie, from Lotte Mart at Seoul Station. These two were so ridiculous that I had to buy them. I know my layout is abit pathetic but I had to compare the sizes so you can really appreciate the size of these puppies! Fed us for 2 days! Haha. Seriously funny stuff. This place is amazing, surprises at every turn and corner.

Our weekend meals are normally mixed with eating out and quick eat ins. This beautiful ratatouille soup made its way into our stomachs by simple putting the same ingredients together, much like making ratatouille in the more traditional way.

Mine had some additional twist which gave it texture and fire.




Wasabi Leaves


Soy Chunks

Tomato Juice

a dash of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

1. Boil the tomato juice in a pot with the celery, garlic, courgette and wasabi leaves all chopped up.

2. Put in a block of tofu and the soy chunks and roughly mash and break it up with your spoon. Boil abit more, a dash and squirt of Bragg’s and serve.

Easy Peasy Oh So Breezy!

Sweet Chilli Bakeds Beanon Toast with Soy Cheese and Lettuce – enuf said… *DROOL*

This little beauty was put together by my husband… (with instructions from me of course 😉 and a picture), the more traditional Ratatouille, sorry with a twist. All I did was sliced the vegetables and called out the twists!


King Oyster Mushrooms


Tomato Sauce


Basil and Oregano


Nutritional Yeast

1. Slice and layer courgette, mushrooms and carrots. Arrange them alternately.

2. Dust generously with basil and oregano, salt and pepper. Fill the baking bowl with tomato sauce/juice.

3. In another bowl, roughly mash up tofu and mince garlic and top the vegetables with spoonfuls of nutritional yeast.

4. Bake in 200deg C for 30min until the top becomes golden and semi-crusty.

Oh crusty delicious yummy goodness… what a talented husband I have! Although there were a few stops for backaches and sore neck.

It turned out delicious and so soft and smooth. I missed out a step which was to saute the vegetables lightly in oil in a frypan before stacking them up for tender and fragrant vegetables. I just baked my slightly longer for tender vegetables… So delicious!

Looks like spring vegetables are courgettes – they’ve suddenly popped out everywhere very cheaply. The lovely thing about this place is that it is evident of the seasonal vegetables and fruits. When it’s cheap you know it’s in season and when it’s expensive or suddenly disappears and ruins your plans then you know it’s off season! Keeps us on our toes with what meals we come up with – fun fun! Don’t you just love it?

I really miss Dubai in that way – you can find any fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets, it’s all imported all year round from all over the world. I miss my Green Apples. Haven’t had them for 1 year now. I only saw them out here very briefly over the end of summer/autumn months, then it disappeared again, but even that, I think they were unripen red apples… *sigh*

Yum yum yum.