Butcher’s Cut Burger&Rings and a Homage to Myeong-Dong Street Food

I am such a sucker for discounts and promotions and this one – I just cannot miss out on. Too good to be true but got slightly trumped about it.

Butcher’s Cut Burger & Grill were having a promotion for their burger, $2 off so I thought I’d trot down there and grab a few because they boasted that they use only certified Angus Beef in their burgers. While ordering, I notice a huge slab of Angus Beef Steak on their counter (raw and sealed) so I thought, heck if that was in my burger, I’d be so happy and it’s totally worth it.

Now comes the trumped bit…

The beef pattie wasn’t a piece of Angus steak but beef mince. Now, how can one tell from Angus Meat to McPatty Gettigan’s Meat? I was so disappointed. The meat was however nicely chargrilled and non the less, juicy and thick. We did enjoy it but the burger was small. Another thing that we got hit with was that the price did NOT include 10% tax, so that came up to the same price as before the promotion!! W.T.H? Some places add taxes into their final printed price but some don’t. That’s just unfair!!!! *grrrr….* false advertisement!

BUT, the onion rings were sooooo goood. Like we’ve never had before. These were deliciously fried crispy with herbs in them! I’ve never seen onion rings with herbs but they were OH SO LUSH! Crunch, crunch, nom, nom. Wonder how they get it so thick because the onion inside was so thin!? Quadruple coat?

Speaking on unhealthy noshes, we made our way down to Myeong-Dong one weekend and man, I’m-in-Love. This is MY place, my streets, my nook. One word – SHOPPING. Yes, it’s me, I’m all about shopping, spending! Haha. I’m sure my husband would not appreciate all my spending but hell, I confess, I’m a Shopaholic. I try so hard to restrain myself but all females succumb to their weakness. It’s so hard when there’s so many new exciting shiny goodies calling you, can you hear them calling? I can!

But since this is a foodie blog, I’ve made a homage to the street food in Myeong-Dong which is somewhat exciting, familiar, delicious as well as somewhat adventurous. I LOVE streetfood! Cheap, fast, bad!, greasy, but the funny thing that I like about it is that you stand up when you eat! That’s the part that I enjoy the most, standing up and eating from a stick!! 😉 Am I weird?

Roasted chestnuts and gingko, shredded and fried squid and octopus, fries

Corn on a stick – My Favourite! Plus, crispy sweet squid

Hot dogs, Tteokbukki, Odeng, Kimbap

Humongous Custard Cream Puff!!

Fried Mandu and Fried Assorted Vegetables

We had to try this Ultimate Hot Dog in One Chippie Goodness

Kudos to the person who invented this because we just couldn’t keep our eyes and tongues off this goodness on a stick. A hotdog, wrapped in pastry bread, dusted with crinkled chips and deep fried. And to top it off, sizzled with tomato sauce goodness – mustard optional. O h M y G o o d n e s s… we nicknamed this Hot Chippie Dog. Several other hit and misses were Chip Dog, Hot Dog Chippie, Dog Chippie and other more ridiculous names. I really don’t know what it’s “formally” called here in Myeong-Dong but to us, it’s Hot Chippie Dog for now. Good gosh, this is a really brilliant invention. We shall be back!!!