Kid Tested Firefighter Approved

This is another one of our favorite meals, the cashew sauce is super decadent and you won’t believe it’s actually non-dairy. Who knew raw cashews could be turned into something so delicious! My toddler and hubby love this dish and ask for it often… my daughter says “cweme sauce peas Mommy” (for those of you who understand 2-year old lingo!). This makes fantastic leftovers as well, great for those nights when you are too tired to cook! The red and green colors are so festive, this would be an excellent holiday dish!
Cashew Sauce… YUMMY!!

The original recipe is from one of my favorite food blogs Fat Free Vegan Kitchen – I don’t think I’ve ever made anything off her site we didn’t like.

I usually triple the cashew cream sauce and double the rest of the recipe so I have extra sauce in the end. This goes well with…

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