Spring Flowers and Sweet Strawberry Celebrations

Wow, I’ve never enjoyed Spring like I am right now and it is so amazing. It was so calming and relaxing walking around taking these photos, I call them my Snow Trees. They are so utterly gorgeous that I’d like to share.

Just Beautiful.. God is so Amazing.

Along the way, I also had some foodie finds – one being Bakersfield, Organic Bakery. I couldn’t help but try their Brown Cranberry Loaf. It was SO GOOD. The best bread I’ve ever tasted! Seriously. I’m going back for more… soon!

And from all my wanderings, I couldn’t make a nice dinner but I managed to, amongst all the other things I had planned to do last night… you’ll soon know why a few clicks below…

Dinner was Cassava and Tempeh Chips with Spinach, Tofu Millet mash and Ginger Slices. YUMMY… (although I wasn’t sure if my husband enjoyed it, he didn’t look happy the entire night).

And… here’s the reason why dinner was rushed.

Yes, it is my dearest husband’s birthday today. It was a good coincidence that he wasn’t feeling great last night, I surprised him with balloons, a birthday banner and super cute and delicious home made cake and party favours. We do this all the time when we were back home with mom, so I thought it’s time I continued it over here. I had a fun time blowing up the balloons, although my eyes nearly popped out a few times. It’s been a while! πŸ˜‰

Found 1kg American frozen blueberries for cheap, so I bought 2 packets. Should I go back and get more? They are the best and cheapest so far, so big and sweet too! Well worth it.

So I made party favours – Blueberry and Strawberry jelly cupcakes. I’m so happy with the way they turned out. Perfectly shaped and moulded. And for the birthday cake, Custard and Strawberry Yoghurt Cake and I couldn’t wait for him to try out the Cranberry bread… yes, he loved it! πŸ™‚

I’m so glad to be able to do this for my husband. For what he’s been going through this week, I hope this put a smile on his face. I really like surprising him and seeing that smile on his lovely face… it’s all worth it.

Happy Birthday My Darling Husband. Have a Wonderful Day (at work…sorry) and I’m looking forward to our Dinner tonight! Viva Luce… here we come! So make sure you finish on time!! πŸ˜‰ Hehe…