Juicy Grilled Meats dripping with Sticky Sweet Teriyaki Sauce, Crispy Golden Fries and Onion Rings… salivating yet?

I’m debating with myself if I should write this post about this little gem we visited, I’m still not sure because this secret is too good to be shared! 😉 Hhmm… what should I do?

Fine, you twisted my arm. I’m never a good secret keeper! It’s some seriously good stuff I tell you. Oh yes, I can honestly say that with every mouthful we took… we both said the same thing.

“Mmmm… this is sooooooo good!”

Hahaha, it’s amazing what food does to you, some send you into ecstasy, sending your eyes rolling to the back of your head and make you melt into your seat, others make you raise one eyebrow and stop chewing after the first bite and the rest, lets just not go there.

Before I get ahead of myself, lets start from the beginning.

We heard of this little gem spreading like wildfire all over the internet as well as a great foreign friendly delivery website Koreabites.com so we thought, hey, this cannot go wrong for us!

Res2Go American Style Teriyaki and Dining in Sinsa-Dong was a cute little kitsch restaurant, designer, quaint and with a rustic homely feel as we walked in. The walls were lined with pictures of the restaurant and American streets and people, a large antique clock caught my eye on the right wall along with the use of the name of their restaurant as large typography dividers, designed out of metal. A very smart and interesting use of their name I have to say.

We were greeted by a very friendly waiter and also the manager, Mr Park, of the restaurant branch who spoke good English. He brought us the menu along with some nice warm tea then scampered away but returned a few seconds later with another menu – with pictures. Score! We were informed that that was the old menu, but they keep it for the pictures to make ordering easier, we all love pictures of food! Their new menu was more upscale, clean and structured.

The menu was very extensive and we found it so difficult to order because we just wanted to try everything! We love all things teriyaki! The pictures definitely helped with making things difficult!! They have entrees, mains, sides as well as set menus. Where to start? What to order? It was ridiculous! The waiter must have came around 2-3 times but we politely requested “a few more minutes” with a smile.

Salivating like crazy browsing through the menu, we couldn’t wait any longer. We wanted to try it all! So these are what we ordered:

3 sides – fries, onion rings and house salad (+ iced tea)

We were also brought two sauces on the side and were told that one was hot sauce and the other was teriyaki sauce – both homemade. Wow  wee, we were impressed and yes, they did taste homemade unlike the commercial sauces off the shelves. The fries and onion rings were crispy, golden, melt in your mouth morsels of heaven but it doesn’t stop there…

The house salad came in a cute oval bowl and I notice that the beautiful leaves were actually standing up! Yes we were impressed of the freshness and crispness of the salad. Smiles all around! And the mains haven’t even arrived yet!! We were so looking forward to them.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Salad (with the option of grilled or fried)

Beautifully presented grilled chicken laid on a crispy bed of mixed lettuce with a side of teriyaki sauce, I was very impressed with the serving size. I had my doubts having experienced terrible small servings on large white plates but this place was alright after all. The chicken breast was moist, tender and had a gentle chargrilled taste which was enough to satisfy a diner. I did get a surprise though as I wondered what the curly green leaves were dotted on my plate, I took a bite and whoa! Surprise surprise, it gave me a quick hot fire bomb in my mouth which reminded me of Wasabi. Could it be Wasabi leaves? I’ve never seen one before but it was a nice surprise and experience. Suffice to say, I cleaned my plate!

Pork Teriyaki

Beef Short Rib Teriyaki

Beef Dduk Galbi Teriyaki

Ok, we love our meat, yes we do! We couldn’t afford to leave any meat category out so we ordered them all! We had to try them… it is afterall a teriyaki restaurant, so it’s obviously obvious that meat goes oh so well only with teriyaki sauce! 😉 As the waiter brought our mains to the table, we couldn’t wait to dig in, the smell was so inviting but we managed to wait until they all arrived so we could really enjoy ourselves without breaking the rhythm. Oh yes, there is an art to eating!

Sweet, tangy, juicy, tender, char-grilled to perfection, I could keep going on! Oh, they were all too delicious. Each main dish came with a side of stirfried vegetables and 2 cute small mounds of mixed rice (white, brown and millet?), all laid out clean, even the sesame seeds and sauce were placed and drizzled on perfectly. Chomping our way through each dish, each held their own.

Does it sound like we had a great time? Hahaha… yes we did. We surely did. We shall return when our stomachs have gone back down to normal and try their seafood. Can’t wait, can’t wait! And to finish off a great meal, they offered free black coffee for diners during lunch service. The coffee, was no where near the calibre of their teriyaki meals but nevermind, it’s free!

Mr Park greeted us off, who was so lovely and stopped by our table a few times to ask if things were ok. Off we trotted out of the restaurant with big smiles and big bellies. He will see us again! I have my eye on that salmon teriyaki steak!

I couldn’t finish this post without a few more design on the walls of this cute restaurant that were my favourite and I think I want to steal them for my own future home! Simple but elegant and strong.

If this post strikes you off, put on your sneakers, grab your wallet, a few mates and an empty belly and get going. The prices are not too bad cos you will satisfy your tastebuds. Quiet and cosy, intimate and friendly. Nice place to chillax and satisfy your teriyaki craving.

Look for this face!

Res2Go Apgujeong (as well as in Itaewon)

B1 Sungik Building, 636-1, Sinsa-Dong,


P: 02 515 7541 or 7543

Checkout their website and you can find them on FACEBOOK

Thanks Koreabites.com for recommending this place!