Giant Mandu Find – Big Time Score!

I just couldn’t wait to post this up.  I don’t know the name of this restaurant as most of it was in Korean. The only English was on the menu. I would love it if someone could translate and just tell me the name of this restaurant, just to know – that’s all.

UPDATE – The shop is called ‘Bukchon Son Mandu’ (Handmade Mandu from Bukchon)! Yay, finally a name!

This little beauty was located in Hannam-Dong and the entrance on the left into Hannam Town Centre. What a joy to find this and I literally squealed and did a little jump for joy when I stopped right in front of it and ordered all the different types of mandu on the menu, twice over!! Kimchi, pork, mince balls, meal set, everything!! I wanted so badly to try some giant mandu’s after seeing them being posted up left and right on foodie blogs! I recently read this one by SeoulEats that made me seek out giant mandu’s closer to my area, but ended up on the other side of the river anyway! Still on the hunt for giant mandu’s in the Gangnam area!

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!! Yippee…

That was my tupperware! Filled up to the brim!! 🙂

The mandu’s were accompanied by a simple tomato, tofu and zuchini salad. Can’t wait for more tonight!!! I’ll gladly trot back and forth just for these little beauties. Three thumbs up from hubby!! um…. three? 😉 It was just sooooo good!