d’liteful cravings lately?

I open my eyes and I see you, you make me smile and remind me of why you are there. A beautiful pink bouquet from my husband for me feeling poorly! I should have been more careful but it was purely my fault.

Just live and learn right? But to keep the spirits up, to start the day off was a bowl of delicious blueberry sweetness.

Slice 1 banana into a bowl, pinch out a Blueberry Larabar, sprinkle a couple of handfuls of almonds, coat with blueberry yoghurt and crumble crispy 12grain rolls on top! YUM! It’s fun combining and coming up with alternatives to familiar breakfasts that we’ve had and enjoyed in Dubai especially oats and cereals. These are hard to find over here and if they are available, they’re very expensive. So, might as well succumb to local ingredients and availability. Not bad right?

So continuing on with being adventurous and all that, today we had some weird combination of weather too! The heavens heard me. I’ve never experienced it before but today we had rain and snow showers. Together. It was a very interesting sight. I’ve never seen anything like it before. With the speckles of rain showers, there were dustings of snowflakes and they came together, at times alternately. It was fascinating!

So being stuck indoors for the second day in a row, I decided to get adventurous and bake some apple crisps. I sliced up some beautiful organic local apples thinly and place one batch on a baking tray and a second batch on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Evidence 1: Naked Apple Crisps – Burnt and Caramelised, but oh so delicious and oh so crispy! Had to be removed within 10min of baking on 180deg heat.

Evidence 2: Protected by Baking Paper – Soft, Slightly Caramelised Apple Crisps, still good and slightly crunchy. Had to be left to cool before eating, but who could resist? It’s a miracle I was able to take pictures considering I was stuffing these gorgeous crisps into my mouth faster than I can breathe!

I love love love apples. I simply adore them. I love the idea of making fruit and vege chips but never got around to it as I don’t have the proper equipment to create decent chips. My attempt shall continue with fruit chips, however I think I have tapped into creating decent vege chips in the past already… my favourite being sweet potato and carrot chips. I shall persevere with all types of vegetables. Give me your special secret tip if you have one for making crispy clean vege and fruit chips… not from books but from countless home experimentations! That’s where the best tip comes from!

PS: I do sympathise with any of you who love experimenting, I did have to soak my tray in hot water and scrub out all the burnt bits on it. I did my workout today, over the sink and oddly enough, that’s the type of workout I actually don’t mind doing over and over again! 🙂 Happy Baking All… Happy Experimenting!