In-and-Out Chompings Up-and-Around Our Neighbourhood

Where do I start seriously? Where do I start? I’ve got so much piled up that it’s so overwhelming and trying to organise it into a blog post is somewhat challenging, but I have accepted the challenge and am ready to show it off to the world!

Eat Outings



Simple as that!

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day at D-Cube City outdoor auditorium along with several hundred other people, filled with music, dancing and food. We got to try some authentic Irish Stew, Scone and Irish Soda Bread. It was hearty and delicious! We were due it after sitting in the cold but somehow one of us got a bit of sunburn on the forehead!

We enjoyed the US Army Band, some original Irish music, some tap dancing, Irish dancing, even a Korean U2 band which was great. They played some good U2 music which we were happily tapping away and singing to… if we knew the words. There was plenty of booze, fried chicken and pizzas around plus one Irish who wore his kilt – oh bless his heart! Thanks to the Irish Korean Association for organising and we will see you again same time next year!

After our day out, we ventured into the closest restaurant, our favourite Bibigo at Gangnam Station and had some good old bibimbap, hearty beef bone soup, white chicken, tomatofu salad and mandu. That was some good food!

And to finish off the weekend, I was hankering for some sashimi so we headed to a new place that we’ve had our eye on for a while now. It was a conveyor belt sushi place, oh I forgot to add in EXPENSIVE conveyor belt sushi place.

On the belt:

Wagyu Beef Sushi, Miso glazed Black Cod, Seafood Tempura, assorted recognisable sushi like California Roll, Salmon and Tuna Sushi and a new homemade sushi called Bok Chu Moni which was a California Roll Tempura. Talk about mind blowing new age sushi… my husband found his favourite and ordered 2plates.

I ordered Nato, Squid and Raw Tuna Salad which I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve read so much about Nato so there I was, mouth open, ready to take my first taste. Not bad, managable. It was strong, slimy, cold, chewy… tasted just like Doejang really, second, third mouthful got abit too much. Raw squid, raw tuna, slimy Nato… I was struggling. I needed a clean dish to counter the strong flavours of the salad but there was non to be found so I had about 8 bowls of miso soup and finally finished the Nato Salad. It won’t be my last time but it will be for the time being. I’m glad I tried it.

They put all the delicious ones on expensive coloured plates – so unfair! And the worse thing is that we were not even keeping tabs, so we racked up USD100 for about 10 small plates of dang-nam-it so delicious sushi! Dang it!

More sashimi eating with work…

Garobee at Gangnam was another try and we absolutely loved it. It was our first try at a Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant. My husband is an Omnivore, rather more like a big time Carnivor. He prefers his meat to veges whereas I’m the other way around. Total opposites, but we are trying to cut down on animal products as much as we can. Two big doozers being cow’s cheese and milk.

Garobee was our nearest vegetarian/vegan restaurant which I’ve had my eye on for a while and after reading several local vegan/vegetarian bloggers. We ventured into a beautiful buffet for only USD15 pp. O M Gness… what an awesome awesome find. I thoroughly enjoyed it, having had 5 servings myself! Overdid it but I couldn’t stop!!

Crispy Kale, Lettuce, Roasted Kabocha, Banchans, Vegan Bulgogi and Bossam, assorted nuts and beans, doejang and homemade tomato sauce to die for!

More of the same with wilted local herbs and greens and my ultimate favourite bracken fern and gorgeous bulgogi stirfry.

My own concoction – seaweed soup with broccoli and silky tofu and tom yum soup loaded with mushrooms!

Spaghetti, broccoli, tempura mushrooms with sweet and sour gravy, bulgogi and roasted kabocha.

And to end things off with something sweet, Green Tea Mochi. Delicious! We walked away happy and will definitely go back again for second, third, fourth, fifth rounds. Our next try will be Loving Hut! The ambiance was lovely, warm and welcoming. The ladies were so informational and spoke English too which was very helpful. They had some fake meats for sale and I shall definitely be making some purchases!

After all that good eatings, we had to come back home to start a new week. Normally, during the weekdays, I cook at home saving the expensive eat outs for the weekends to enjoy it with the husband.

My breakfast line up for the week so far, Hand Drip Coffee – how cute is that? The Twosome Place celebrated their birthday and handed out some free sachets, I couldn’t help myself. The packaging and idea was super gorgeous and nifty, only the Koreans would come up with something like this!

To start off the mornings with a massive kick-in-the-but*, I’ve been mulling over using up ingredients lying around the table top and fridge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting these breakfasts together, I really miss coming up with new dishes and meals since moving here.

Semi vegan egg sandwich – wholegrain toast, boiled eggs, cheesy crispy kale, soy mayonnaise, soy cheese and olive oil spread.

Deconstructed banana creme pie – larabars, bananas and vegan custard.

Power breakfast – wholegrain toast, coconut oil, bananas, tahini & honey drizzles and dustings of maca! YUMO!

Good Food = Good Insides = Good Outsides = HAPPY HAPPY

So speaking of coming up with the weird and wonderful, I’ve made several new and old goodies and favourites… with a twist of course – you know me…

This is a lazyman’s version of good old fish and chips… Haha… only in the Land of the Morning Calm.

Baked Sweet Japanese Kumara

Fish Paste with mixed frozen vegetables

Japanese Curry Sauce

I know, it’s a shameful, slap on the hand dish… sorry foodie purists… my shameful fusion of east and west.

Kale, spinach and mixed frozen veges wrap… not forgetting lots of doejang, chillies, ginger and garlic.

Can I have some more please!

And the final blog worthy image – roasted chicken 2ways. Mom has been talking so much about roasted chicken meals they’ve been enjoying over their dinner table so I went gallivanting for some whole chickens for a good roast. We’ve only ever had roast chicken once before over 8months ago so we were so looking forward to this hot meal ever so much!

Roasted Chicken 1 – Teriyaki Sesame Roast

Roasted Chicken 2 – Sesame Chilli Ginger Garlic Roast

Roasted Vegetables – Kohlrabi, Daikon, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, Garlic


All in the 180deg C oven for 1 1/2hrs, kill everything in the chicken and for crispy, melty, crunchy vegetables.

And I’ve found my favourite new vegetable : K o l h r a b i… have you tried it yet? You should, it’s gorgeous. Perfect, sweet and crunchy! Just beautiful…

*oh I forgot to photograph – Kohlrabi and Daikon ‘steaks’ from the new Nobu Vegetarian Cookbook. Was so good, I decided not to spoil the moment or waste time taking pictures!* so so beautiful.

What was the latest dish you made from a cookbook? I think that dish was my first after too too long! What’s your favourite cookbook anyway? I’ve got a list that is far too long and can almost compete with a Christmas list from a child to Santa Claus.