Eats from My Hot Kitchen & Flowers from My Hot Husband

Since my last post, I’ve done a lot of thinking and with advice online and offline, I did give myself a hard time. I shouldn’t have. This blog is for me, my own expressions, my own output and seeing my words get ‘published’ online if only with one click from my own hand. It gives me a buzz when I see what I’ve written and photographed go on the world wide web. It’s the simple things that make me happy and that should be good for my soul. And that’s enough of that.

I did admit that I was feeling down and out so my lovely husband took me out to dinner in which I decided to dress up for, to feel good. I’m sure you ladies (and guys) know what I mean. The way you dress and look kinda sets the way you feel. The way you look outside is just as important as the way you feel on the inside. We trotted down hand in hand to Samsung HQ and poked our noses into Mad For Garlic. This place is so kitsch, from the brick walls, dark and dimly lit to the huge garlic chandelier hanging down from the ceiling, we couldn’t wait to immerse our culinary senses into all things garlicky!

The menu was, as you guessed it, loaded with garlic, even one dessert. But we found out that the Garlic Gelato was just Vanilla Gelato with a Garlic Biscuit on the side *phew*. The menu was extensive and majority of it had one or two chilli icon next to them. I was ecstatic but hubby was nervous. Focused on Italian flavours and ingredients, I ordered the Tutto Al Funghi and my husband ordered the Chicken Popcorn Creamy Spaghetti.

The Mushroom Salad was lovely, two kinds of mushroom sauteed with garlic and diced pickled onions and came with grilled vegetables, fresh salad and teriyaki dressing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the dressing. Imagine all that flavours lost under all that salty dressing! Sometimes I don’t understand why you need dressing. Personally, I prefer my food whole and unadulterated. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

My husband’s Chicken Popcorn Creamy Spaghetti came in a lovely big round bowl, which he couldn’t wait to dig into. When he did, the look on his face was priceless! Can you guess why?

We couldn’t stop laughing, well I couldn’t stop laughing, the poor guy was suffering! His left hand dashed like lightning speed to the glass of cold water next to his plate!! Yes, there was chilli in his spaghetti. The waitress did tell him there was going to be pepper in his meal and we thought, yeah, that’s ok, bit of grind pepper, what harm would that cause? But over here, pepper means chilli pepper! I couldn’t help but give it a try myself and man, all I can say was he’s a brave brave man to have finished his entire plate! After our meal and several glasses of water later, he told me if we end up here again, he will just stick to the pizzas. We had a great time that night, something to remember and talk about again.

One thing on the menu though, I would like to try next time was the “Vampire Killer”… sounds fantastic! What do you think? No kisses after that? 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating. With that, I got down to business and decided to put my hands to work and delve into my arty creative mind. I recently bought a few books on creative wrapping and crafts and this is what I ended up doing.  You are both wonderful, beautiful, loving mothers and we cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done and gone through for us. One’s on it’s way up north and the other is heading down south! Hope the both of you love it.

With that, I decided to share a little something with my husband a little taste of home. Going down  memory lane, mom normally makes us sweet water (tong sui) for breakfast, which are always warm and healthy. I found a packet of organic red bean (all the way from Dubai) and decided to boil it. Hoping not to find any worms in the bag, which I didn’t thankfully, I made red bean sweet water for breakfast.

With shavings of coconut sugar (gula melaka) in a ramekin, I poured the hot boiled red bean into it and gave it several whirls.

It brought back memories of mom and my childhood, oh so sweet and warm. We enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning breakfast basking in the sun on our comfy couch with freshly baked 6Grain Banana Muffins on my newly acquired ceramic plates I bought at the recent Seoul Living Design Fair, no two are the same. I even got to meet the artist and spoke to him of his work. I am very much inspired.

6Grain Banana Muffins

1 cup raw grains (oat, barley, millet, quinoa, spelt and amaranth) in soymilk until soft and tender (which will yield about 2-3 cups when cooked)
2 blocks of coconut sugar (100g)
3 very ripe bananas, mashed
1 cup whole almonds, soaked overnight
(2 slices of Christmas Cake – FINALLY finished) optional
  1. Mash the bananas and break down the Christmas cake with a fork.
  2. Place everything in a mixing bowl and combine well. Add some soymilk if it needs more moisture.
  3. Then scoop them into the muffin tray, make sure that each scoop has a bit of everything. Top with extra almonds if you want.

I decided to get back into the game and be adventurous with my food.  I have been creating same meals over and over again, it’s time for an intervention!  I come up with meals according to ingredients I have in my fridge rather than going out to buy ingredients to make the meal. I stock up my fridge and cupboards with whatever I find and whenever I want to, putting two and two together. Come to think of it, I’m the Queen of Bits&Pieces. I don’t know, what would you label me as?

Dinner Menu 1: Wheatbran Crusted Chicken Breast stuffed with Gouda Cheese and Roasted Vegetables

First up, these chicken breast meat were hidden in the abyss of my freezer waiting to be cooked. Time to get creative, how can I cook this? What do I have in the fridge that needs to be eaten? Half opened soy gouda cheese – aha! Chicken Kiev type Cordon Bleu-ish. My version of course.

4 slices of chicken breast, butterflied

slices of Gouda cheese


  1. sliced chicken-gouda-sliced chicken-coat

  2. repeat

Either fry or bake for 40min, just to make sure and coat with golden Japanese curry or… dried red hot Indian chilli paste.

Round 2: Wheatbran stuffed Chicken Breast with Cup-a-Tofu-Cakes and Sweet Baby Spinach

With the leftover roasted vegetables, I used up some left over Swiss Chard leaves for my Tofu cups. Layering them as I go.

What you need are: Swiss Chard leaves, 300g frozen tofu (thawed and drained), 5 eggs using only 2 yolks, salt, pepper and left over roasted veges.

  1. Mix together the tofu, eggs, salt and pepper. Beat till well combined.
  2. Place Chard leaves in the muffin tray and press firmly. Try not to break them but accidents are bound to happen. If it’s too firm, put the chard leaves into the oven for a few seconds until wilted OR blanch for a few seconds to make it malleable.
  3. Down goes the roasted veges, then topped with the tofu mixture.

We had a cute White Day, with our cup-a-tofu-cakes, mine with added *kick* and our left over stuffed chicken breasts and spinach.

And finally, my exciting and very interesting finds…

Mama and Baby Crab Kimchi

Raw Oyster and Fish Roe Kimchi

Have any of you tried them? I did and they were very interesting! Indeed they were! I think they’re types of kimchi’s. I read somewhere that there’s a few hundred different types out there and not only vegetable kimchis. So these might be some of them too because they were placed with the rest of the kimchis. It is so exciting to go to different places in the world and try their cuisine. This world is amazing!

Tried anything new and exciting lately? Do tell…