New Foods, Finds & Buys

Dwaejigogi and Odaeng Galbi

I am so proud of myself, yes, someone had to pat me on my back and I am the only one to do it.

It’s so much more cheaper, I will never be able to comprehend how much money restaurateurs make from diners. Look at it this way…

1.5kg gogi galbi from the butchers $15

500g gogi galbi from a restaurant $22

… nuff said so I got 2 packets. Carrying back 3kgs of meat is very heavy and hazardous on a bus with a crazy bus driver! Talk about being thrashed left and right!

With gorgeous kale, red chillies, doenjang and tofu fresh wrap.

For our Saturday afternoon lunch. Free Form Mexican Pie! YUMMY GOODNESS!

(bit of recovery from all that galbi)

This homemade rye crust pie is layered with raw herbed cheese, 4 whole eggs, wedged vegan smoked gouda, green protein powder and topped with vegan nacho cheese dip. Holy Smokes, talk about yummy delicious healthy goodness! Power packed after all that galbi! I love putting a few things together spontaneously – from a cheese pizza to a free form pie quiche to a Free Form Mexican Cheese Egg Green Pie!? Free Form Mexican Pie it is.

Wow, think about it, add some spinach, sprinkle some curry, a few grinds of salt and pepper, this rye flour and water only mix pie crust could turn into a few other adventurous pies. On the side I made a few free form pizzas too (which missed being paparazzi-ed), green protein powder, nacho and raw herbed cheese on rye crusties.

On one of my weekday walks, I found these. I love them! Wish I had a house big enough for all of it. I absolutely love antique stuffs.

That would look so good at the end of my bed! And I could use those beautiful fire burners to bake my free form pizzas! Oh the opportunities are endless!

One for mommy and daddy and one for baby… So cute!

Rice crispies and Ear Crispies from my childhood days. Didn’t think I would find them here! Yay… so that’s me munching away happily along Antique Alley.

I want those copper pots and that gorgeous kettle!

I’m a shortie, so I’m always on the lookout for step ladders.

And catching up on last night’s dinner, we had Sole Fish 3 ways. I decided to invest more into seafood, we don’t eat it often enough. It’s cheaper than meat too so why not?!

Organic Brown Miso

Chilli, Ginger, Garlic & Coriander


Into foil pouches and oven for 30mins with vege egg omeletttes…

And finally… my lovely buys that I absolutely adore!!

And in amongst that, a wonderful, beautiful find (sweetie – here’s looking directly at you!)

I know you are not having a good day…

Be mad, then be ok about it…

Love you baby xxx