What’s more gorgeous than Scrunch for Breakfast with My Love!

A life on a plate

After last week’s cabbage extravaganza, I needed to sweeten my tooth with a dessert that is a true blast from the past for me. Often we associate an area of a city with a certain place; a book shop, a favourite boutique, a coffee house, but for me London’s Convent Garden meant one thing to my gastronomical memory and that was the restaurant; Food for Thought. A Great 70’s vegetarian communal type of eatery on Neal Street that served hearty dishes like Moroccan tagines, quiche, casseroles and finally, a to die for Scrunch. It was a constant feature in our Convent Garden experience. My friend Ramy would dream about eating Scrunch all week. Vivi and Martha would both be stuffed with food but we would still had to have Scrunch. So this is for you my dear friends.

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