Double Bite Night and Golden PuffCrispies Breakfast Muffins to Get Up For!

Dinner 1 – Bamboo Smoked Duck Wrap

Dinner 2 – Dwaejang Jiggae

Yes, you read it right, we had 2 dinners on Friday night!

Douri Restaurant just 50 steps away from our apartment serves the best Mud Roasted Stuffed Duck in this previous post, and since then, we’ve always wanted to go back to try the rest of the menu. There are only 6 choices on the menu and are all to serve 2. We were going back and forth about which ones we want to try next and settled with the Bamboo Smoked Duck Wrap. The other 3 finalists were the Stuffed Pumpkin with Duck or the Sweet and Sour Smoked Duck with Vege Wraps or the Cheese Smoked Duck. All were so tempting, including going back to the Mud Roasted Stuffed Duck, but we were there to try something new so we did.

We were assured that the meal would be enough for 2 people but when it arrived, we were so disappointed by the portions. They were small, enough for 1! We couldn’t really taste the bamboo flavour which they boasted about and with all the super tasty strong flavoursome banchans, they totally cut out the taste of the meat. We did enjoy having our interactive meal, stuffing our vege leaves with duck, garlic, chilli sauce and what nots, even some banchans.

Without wanting to stay and order another round of duck, we headed to a safe house restaurant, a usual for daily lunches and order 2 rounds of Dwaejang Jiggae (Fermented Soybean Stew). Oh it was heavenly especially on a super cold night. My husband lead the way, first layer being the veges, then rice, bibimbap sauce all around, then scoop all the dwaejang jiggae in and mix it all about! YUMO! I just sat there and watched in awe… and I’m suppose to be the local-lookalike! Chillies, fermented soy, boiling temperatures, wow, he’s definitely changed a lot! What pleasure and joy to see him enjoy something so out of our normal eating habits.


We managed to sprint home after dinner, with whatever amount of energy we had left because it was SO COLD! O.O

Speaking of being out of our comfort zone, this little beauty is one I picked up from an actor’s blog which we had to try out purely out of curiosity.

Bread – Vegan Margarine – Mince Garlic – Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Into the oven for 5 to 10 minutes – DONE! YUM! Yes, YUMMY!

So simple, so delicious, so unbelievable. We had it again the next night and I think there’s still more bread for another round including a round of sweet tuna with soy cheese melt! Oh…the bliss good warm comfort food.

Golden PuffCrispies Breakfast Muffins TO WAKE UP FOR!

(that is if you’re not the one making them first thing in the morning!)

These little beauties were thought up and imagined on Saturday to combat moody morning wake-ups to prepare breakfast for the hubby who needs a good boost up before work. Our mornings are never good, we always complain about how tired we are, not enough sleep, complaints of kicking, pulling, fighting in bed – no we’re not talking about kids here, we’re talking about the two of us! Haha! So suffice to say, we are fighters even when we’re suppose to be sleeping!

Our freezer and cupboards are bursting with ingredients waiting to be used and so I decided to get up early on Sunday and put my head in gear to get these muffins done so I can take a break from morning preps at least for this week. I already had majority of the ingredients, all but the puff crispies at the top. My husband loves rice crispies and being in the land of rice, I could easily find puffed rice anywhere, in any shop. These ones were puffed whole wheat snacks which were aesthetically more pleasing compared to the rice puffs next to it so I decided to get it instead. Home made rice crispies another time shall we?

So in went all the ingredients:

4 large ripe bananas

1 1/2 cups spelt flour

1 cup granola

2 slices of Christmas Cake

1 cup of soy milk

1 cup of almonds, 1/2 chopped and 1/2 whole

1 packet of puffed wheat

Drizzles of Golden Syrup

Drips of Olive Oil (to oil the muffin tray)

Dried fruits, raisins, apricots, mixed fruit peel, etc – to your heart’s content!

You know, how it goes, all in the mixing pot, mix well.

Top off with crushings of puffed wheat, drizzle with golden syrup and into the oven for just about 30-40min.

Just beautiful, golden and glistening in the morning sunlight streaming through the windows with our hot cuppas. Snuggled in watching morning cartoons! 🙂 Happy Days Everyone! Enjoy Your Wonderful Day with Your Super Wonderful Self!!

Many Many Hugs!