Beans Beans, the more you eat…

The more you toot! I love my beans! Remember this post? I soaked and cooked 3kg’s worth of beans and till today, I am still enjoying them. I have 4 tupperware of beans in the freezer and 2 servings of chilli con carne in the fridge for the next 2days. Oh the joy of frozen food. It’s so convenient, so quick and easy and some what relaxing to think that it’s already cooked. All you need to do is come up with something amazing with them.

So what’s in the fridge? Corn tortillas, beans, few bottles of pasta sauces, soy meat and some vegan cheese on it’s way = Chilli Con Carne! Oh yeah! We’ve not had those in a while.

“We have mince?”

“No, but we have soy chunks.”


Haha, my poor husband. I’m trying to cut down our meat and dairy intake, restricting it to once a week, with the rest of the week, either vegetarian/vegan, white meat or fish.

And with 1 1/2hrs of cooking, boiling, stewing, stirring, 2 big potfuls of chilli con carne was created! With sides of sliced vegan cheeses, corn tortillas and cabbage leaves. One pot was mushroom pasta sauce and the other pot was three cheese pasta sauce with enchilada sauce.

500g mixed beans – chickpea, giant Greek white beans and striped kidney beans

6 large onions, diced – 3 for each pot

12 cloves of garlic – 6 each pot

1 large bottle of pasta sauce – any flavour

Several healthy shakes of basil, oregano and rosemary

Soy Chunks, pre soaked

Vegan Cheese

Corn Tortillas and/or Cabbage Leaves

Our second go at the beans were a Mexican/Western and Korean Fusion.

I want to introduce Chilli Con Carne nest ala Bibimbap style. I simply place the soy sprouts underneath, torn cabbage leaves around the edges and 5 spoonfuls of chilli con carne in the middle and put to steam for about 15min. A couple of teaspoons of dried red chilli flakes to top it off… and then serve…

Give it a good mix about and enjoy! I love my bibimbap bowl. I should get an earthen bowl really, a traditional Korean bibimbap bowl, to make it feel and look more authentic!

And on the otherside of the ring (square, side of the table), the contender, weighing at 450g pure sirloin, beef steak, with only 5min searing on each side is Steak and Carne Mash. Using the Chilli Con Carne mix, I simply heated it up, added some liquid, 2 squeeze of tomato sauce, stir and blend while my husband fried up his meat to his liking. We couldn’t wait to tuck into them! Pure pleasure…

Sorry if this picture is gross, I just looked at it again and it doesn’t look very appetising but trust me, it is so good.  This is another visual inspiration via an online blog, I cannot remember exactly but this concoction was totally out there. I sometimes pity my husband for being my guinea pig!

This one has a surprise at the bottom, so what I did was:

A layer of Jam at the base of the ramekin/pie tray, whatever flavour you have;

Mix together, oats, granola, chopped up mixed dried fruits soaked in soymilk – soak for a couple of hours or overnight;

Layer on top of the jam and bake;

If you want to skip the baking part (which is what I did), I used warmed up soymilk, oats, granola and mixed dried fruits but also add in some oat flour or wheat germ/wheat bran to create a creamy texture when the soy milk is added into the dry mix. I think next time I will try baking, but for the weekend, not weekend morning rush. I think it would taste and smell much better and the texture would be creamier and richer;

In the morning, either have it on its own or place a lovely piece of poached mango in soymilk. In my case, I used a frozen mango which is a big FAIL! Just use fresh fruits – it would be helpful if the flavour either compliment or is the same as the jam. Garnish with anything you want. I had flax seed handy.


Please don’t judge me…

Tonight’s dinner I craved tempeh, soy, tofu… oh hold me back! I have been thinking about it since this morning when I normally plan for my meals. This is so that I know what time I should be home to prepare it.

I have found my new love, sorry honey, this is the best ever ever ever dinner I’ve made, EVER!!!! Should I share this? OR just tease you with the pictures?

Like what you see? If you do, let me know and I’ll let you know…you know? OK. Confused? Good! It’s all hush hush at the moment. O-M-G this is SO GOOD!