Curried Tempeh Seaweed Roll

The silence is deafening. Yes, my love has gone away for 2 weeks on a business trip, leaving me with myself and I. The days are ok but the nights are not. Knowing that he’s not going to walk through the front door, to share a meal and events of the day is not a nice feeling let me tell you people out there. But when that happens, you should take time to come back to get to know yourself. Yes, you talk to yourself, you feel on edge, every little noise makes you jump. I turn on every light, blast the TV out loud and let me tell you, never ever put on a scary movie, especially at night! NEVER! Who am I kidding, I want him back here right now!!!

Being alone, I cannot stop thinking. My brain goes on overdrive because of the silence. Even though there is noise all around me, I only hear silence in my head and the voices in my head. Am I going crazy? Oh dear! No, just claiming temporary insanity at this point, for 2 weeks. I cannot be hold accountable for my acts during such time! Haha….


Curried Tempeh Seaweed Roll

I love experimenting! Fusing fusion, that’s what it’s all about. I’ve been thinking about this concoction for a while now after noticing some other lovely creations and combinations out there in the big wide world of the web. Through all those inspirations, I decided to come up with one of my own. Heck, who knows, there might be a similar recipe out there already but I’m taking credit for my own! 😉

It starts with a lovely plate of steamed vegetables, any you can find in your fridge. In my case, I found that I had:

Carrots (about 3 big fat crunchy ones)

Enoki Mushrooms (a big pinch from the bunch)

Spring Onion

Lay them all out and julienne them. Keep them all nice and long for the roll. I decided to steam them instead of keeping them raw as I sometimes suffer from indigestion and it is a cold day so I’m having my warm thanks. I steamed them for about 10 min to ensure the carrots are soft.

While the vegetables are steaming, I fry up these beauties, tossing them in curry powder since I’ve been craving for spicy food. Come to think of it, I constantly crave spicy/hot food. I absolutely love it. You need 1 packet of tempeh, panfried and curry paste. Any curry paste you can find, Thai Curry Pastes, Malaysian Curry Paste, Indian Curry Paste… it’s endless. In my case, I used curry powder, stirred in with some hot water and some salt. I wanted some coriander but none were to be found in my fridge. That particular herb is not as popular here as spring onions – they are abundant here. But I do love my coriander too. I miss that about Dubai, the dhs1 herbs at the supermarkets. Oh how I miss food shopping in Dubai.

With those two ingredients and a fresh sheet of seaweed, I rolled them up like how you would a sushi roll.

And there you have it, my super infused Curried Tempeh Seaweed Roll. Oh the gorgeousness of it. Towards the end of it, I was enjoying the vegetarian roll with a side of curried tempeh chips! I love my tempeh chips, I don’t know what I’d eat otherwise. They are the best ever, ever, ever!

Going backwards, this was breakfast this morning. Buckwheat granola with almonds in sesame cereal in warm soymilk, topped with fresh bananas! Yummy…

And one of those dinners with the BEST ever chilli tofu spread made up by sincerely moi. Yes, this could be my best tofu spread ever! I lathered the tofu spread all over my tempeh and it was absolutely gorgeous. These new found loveliness are the results of combining left overs in the fridge, all coming together by accident really.

Chilli Tofu Spread

200g soft white tofu, mashed

2 chillies, chopped

2 bunches of coriander, chopped

2 tbsp red pepper paste (gochujang) more if you like it hotter

2 tsp roasted sesame seeds

1 knob ginger, minced

4 cloves of garlic, minced

1. Combine all ingredients together well and serve!

Easy as that.

Note: If you wish for a smoother, velvety spread, put the tofu in the blender and process until silky soft, adding soymilk or water to help it. You could also add the rest of the ingredients in if you want them all smooth and creamy or mix them in after for a little bit of chunky crunch.

I panfried a block of tempeh into chips and blanched a head of broccoli. Absolutely gorgeous. This spread will meet my tastebuds again, very soon!

I cannot help but think, fried soy with soy spread. I could live on soy forever!!