Christmas is Family and Food

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Our first snowfall of the year, albeit a light one and overnight but a wonderful sight to wake up to in the morning. The snow fell on the night of the 20th of Dec but melted by noon. Unfortunately it didn’t continue and we’ve had warm weather since. It’s weird how you dress for the snow but surprisingly it’s warm outside. The days before the snow is when it’s icy and biting cold but when it actually snows, it’s warm? Strange huh… great experience for my first time. It’s exciting!

I’ve been busy indoors, you see, I’m really scared of the cold. I dread to think how the cold will hit me, bite me, A T T A C K me so I’d rather stay inside than face it.

You all know I love baking, cooking and entertaining. If I could invite every one of you to my home to share a warm hearty meal I would. I love cooking for big numbers, I love the stress and the buzzy feeling it gives me. The harder the challenge, the more enticing it is. So this year, I made some goodies to give away and chose the 2 most ‘traditional’ baking inspired by my husband. Having found a fantastic cookbook that has both that recipes, I decided to seek out this adventure.

First is the traditional shortbread, full of buttery goodness, crumbly and smooth, creamy and crunchy at the same time.

Welsh Cakes, inspired by our recent trip home.

Not as good as yours Ewr Fair Mom, but not bad for my first try! Can you bare to share the recipe with me? 😉

I have to say though, the butter and flour here made the shortbread and welsh cakes taste very different. I’m not sure what it is but it’s definitely different from what we’ve experienced in the past, I hope that it was butter and flour that I bought, the packs were not labelled in English! (still edible though)

Even Santa and his helpers want a piece of my goodies! What a great compliment, every baker’s dream of having their goodies approved by Santa himself! I just love giving and knowing that I’ve made someone smile and feel happy even just for that moment, before heading into a scary meeting!

And the Pièce de résistance … the traditional Christmas Cake. I’ve been taking care of this little beauty, feeding it with rum for over a week now but the mixed dried fruits in it has been soaking in rum for over 1 month. Last year I started 3 months ahead but because of our new move, my mind wasn’t focused on Christmas yet. I decided to make things a bit different this year around by decorating the cake with almonds. I think it looks quite nice and the final glaze will go on, on Christmas Day! Can’t wait to dig in and taste it! The anticipation is torture!

Christmas on a plate, Welsh Cakes, Shortbread, Stollen and Rum&Raisin slice. Can I say that the Stollen brought home from our recent trip is THE BEST we’ve ever had. Pity we couldn’t bring back an entire suitcase full of it, it is absolutely the best Stollen. We love our Stollen and is a must for Christmas since I first had it in Denmark. We absolutely love it. Christmas cake and Stollen bread, the best of both worlds. Sugar rush? I think so!

Athena Mom’s Stollen bread, always home made, never bought. I always look forward to having a few slices when she makes them, it’s such a treat.

And I’ve saved the best for last, goodies from both ends of the world – presents from the north and south. Thank you to family at Athena Dr, Camilla Gr and Erw Fair for your thoughts and love. You are always and forever in ours too. Cannot wait to tear them open, we are like little kids on Christmas morning, wide eyed and excited. We love you all.

We haven’t figured out what our Christmas meals are going to be but I’m sure looking forward to coming up with it. There’ll definitely be roasted chestnuts, greens, succulent juicy turkey and Christmas pudding aside glowing candles and Dean Martin on the background and (crossing all fingers and toes) snow falling outside. I’ll dig out my festive sweater hidden somewhere in the abyss of my closet.

.I love Christmas.