I Ate, therefore I Am

Oh the joy of travelling, letting it all hang out, a beautiful excuse to indulge in once in a while sinful and sweetness cravings. Lets all say it together,

“Oh what the hell, I’m on holiday, I’ll get back on track when I get home.”

Deep breaths, yes it’s okay to indulge and savour the moments and enjoy yourself. And so I did. Below is a compilation of plane food, home cooked meals and baking-thank you mum for all the lovely delicious meals we shared, eat outs with family and quick snacks while ducking out of the cold wintry weather outside. Anything hot will do for me thanks, thank God for soups and boiled veges… although I have to say they really do boil them to death! Still yummy though!

By the way, does anyone else eat more when it’s cold? I find myself wanting to eat/fuel up when it’s cold, think I had more than my normal 3 meals a day! But suffice to say, the pictures say it all. I definitely enjoyed myself including a special dinner on a special day with a special someone! Our wedding anniversary fell in within our trip away and my husband surprised me with a dinner in a castle! OMGness, it was such a great experience, one I will not forget. I did mention a while back to him as just a passing comment how great it would be to have dinner in a castle! That would be unforgettable and there you have it, he remembered. This is what makes him special, he listened and remembered. What a wonderful candlelit dinner date it was. An experience never forgotten.

Just in case anyone was interested, my finger’s healing up but still not 100% but my hip is still giving me grief. I feel like an old lady when I walk, but I will give it some more time and the cold isn’t really helping. Somehow your bones ache more when it’s cold. Where’s my hot soup?

I’m looking forward to Christmas although this year I will not be baking extensively like last year. I will however make some Christmas goodies, as we brought back some goodies by Mr Kipling-Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, Rum&Raisin Slice, Mince Pies, Stollen Bread, Mint and Snowfrost Cupcakes. We’ve already dug into them, Christmas has started in this household!

What’s on your Christmas baking list? What’s for Christmas brunch/lunch/dinner?

We’ve got our eye on an oldie but a goldie, baked chicken and turkey. This “Turduken” is really popular… I’ve seen a couple of blog posts up for it already, turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken… hhmmm… am keen on a beautiful thick slice of salmon though. Sides are all up to what’s in season. I’ve got my eye on a couple of newly bought cookbooks for ideas and inspirations! I want to openly and publicly thank my wonderful husband for lugging back all those (10) cookbooks with me and thank you Emirates for 30kgs! 😉

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