Bad Luck comes in Three’s?

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My finger’s still in a bandage… I split it again from a nasty fall just 2 days ago, and now I’ve got more bruises and a few blue blacks on my head and hips. Why oh why? This hasn’t been a good week for me, two mishaps within a week of each other.

My husband said, bad luck comes in threes… I don’t want a third mishap thank you very much, I’ve spilt enough tears and blood for the two already, enough’s enough.

Through out the week, I’ve kept myself occupied with a limp and a lump… will I recover? I don’t know, I can’t stop thinking about a third coming my way… damn it. Enjoy the images of our eat ins and eat outs, new cafe finds and openings (a lot more to come too!) and yes, Christmas is here! The restaurants/cafes and shops here do so well with creating themed events for the festivities – also of course to get you to spend! 🙂 And we did! We dug into the Baskin Robbins cake last night and it was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop myself esp the slice with the almonds in it!!! Eeps…