Happenings lately…

Wondering why the absence?  Well, I will just give you 2 words. Sliced.Finger.

Yup, with my haste to try out my new kitchen equipment, I slid my finger to unwrap the slicer, who knew that my first slice was going to be my finger instead of the vegetables lined up on my kitchen top. It was a deep long slice so now, my finger’s in a home made cast and I definitely cannot use my hand to it’s full capacity. It’ll take about a week or more to heal up because the cut is so deep so not many words in my posts but will definitely keep the delicious food pics flowing through.

No, I won’t post up pictures of my finger (yes I did take photos) during a dressing change and it definitely looks super nasty! I won’t gross you guys out. I will keep it do deliciousness only!

This is what we were up to lately. New Cafe Nescafe visit where I HAD to try the hot grapefruit juice. It was absolutely gorgeous, my first try and definitely not my last! And some home cooking that I managed to do with a munted finger. Took ages to prepare. Big one tray of lamb and rice bake and some side roasted onion and garlic.