Foodie Heaven at the Korean Food Expo 2011

Is that gorgeous or what? Thought I’d sneak in my own stuff before I show you the professional stuff! I am trying harder to take better photographs, it’s work in progress.  Thanks to my husband who suggested something so simple and a light bulb went off on top of my head! What a genius and simple idea, right in front of me. I am keen to set up a photography space for my food and better blog posts – more finger licking delicious photographs! I’m so jealous of some lovely beautiful bloggers out there, I don’t even know how to get up to that level. Maybe with the right set up, a couple of lessons?

Anyway, last night’s dinner was a super quickie, steamed vegetable dumplings with spinach noodles and sesame dressing and also a Warm Enzyme Salad of cucumber, silken tofu, sauerkraut, green chillies, brown seaweed and a good couple of shakes of sesame dressing. Mix and crunch!

Since the day was so lovely, I decided to take a visit down to the convention centre and fulfil my foodie fantasy. This is what I got up to yesterday. The food expo had all types of food, from Korea, ASEAN and EU. It was a dream come true. I tried from almost every stand, several times because it was just so good. I tried some superfood I’ve not had before, only read about like Acai, Maca, Spirulina, which I am now intrigued with and am keen to buy. The food scene was endless and the food consumption was endless too!

Paris Baguette, Cafe Pascucci are 2 of many favourite local cafe/bakery here in Korea
Korean Rice Cakes
Orange Marmalade Pizza and *The Best* freshly made Bread

Assorted Korea Rice Cakes, Caramelised Nuts, Honey Cookies and Korean Mooncakes

Wine, Vinegars, Dried Fruits, Mooncakes, Rice Cakes… beautifully wrapped and presented. It’s the Korean way!

After all that deliciousness, I came home with these bottles of darlings. I told my husband what I had and not wanting to miss out, suggested I get some for home too. So I decided to buy some peach wine that came in 2 different ways and another fruit wine which the promoter couldn’t explain to me in English. But what the heck, I’ll try just about anything! The peach wine is sweet, the red/plum wine is sour and the other two smaller bottles are peach flower wine, so they’re sourish.

After a full 3hours at the expo, I stumbled my way to the metro and headed home with a slight hangover. I definitely enjoyed myself, sampled lots of food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic with some delicious cheese I have to say. The weirdest thing that I tried was persimmon vinegar and that made me cough ever so slightly in front of the promoter in which he laughed at me. I walked away with my head held high and remembered not to go down that way again! *how embarasing*