Red Kiwi, Stuffed Duck, Bibimbap, Golden Roasted Potatoes and Tempeh… Hungry Yet?

Yes, curious thing I found on my browse yesterday. Is this natural? It can’t be natural! I’ve never seen or heard of red kiwi fruit before… curious! It was $6.80 for a pack of 5 fruits and I have to say, it intrigued me very much. I was eager to try this strange fruit out but the price held me back. Wonder how it tastes like. Maybe it tastes like strawberry infused golden kiwi? Maybe cherry infused golden kiwi? or even raspberry infused golden kiwi? Has anyone had this before? I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to spend that much money on 5 red kiwis so please let me know how it tastes like IF anyone’s tried it before – VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Our weekend was filled with adventures galore! I love it when we venture out and try out new things, whether it be a new palace, historic site, restaurant or a new mall. New things are always nice to see and experience. Through work, my husband had the most delicious roast duck he’d ever tasted and was a recommended a similar restaurant nearby our place… WATCH OUT!

Yes, I did! I threw out all my vegetarian/vegan thoughts and had this… I caved. *I did say I was a flexitarian right? ;)*

The sight of this lovely stuffed bird was just too hard to resist. I was crying out to have a hot hearty meal and thanks to the recommendation, we utterly utterly enjoyed ourselves. This bird was roasted for 3 hours, stuffed with 15 herbs, grains, nuts and seeds in a mud clay pot. The stuffing (that I could make out) were black, brown and white glutinous rice, red, green and black beans, gingko nut, pine nut, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, chestnut, ginseng root, angelica, prunes & figs. What a delightful piece of work, it is literaly a piece of art right there. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before and am so glad that I got the opportunity to try this. The meat fell off the bone, it was soft, tender, juicy and having been roasted for 3 hours, the fat under the skin was non-existent.  The fat dripped away and all that remained was tender, thick, juicy meat and the most delicious stuffing…

Plenty of side dishes to enjoy too, I absolutely love the banchans and I make sure I taste them all! Fresh veges, pickled veges and kimchi galore. Actually the best kimchi I’ve ever eaten too I have to say. I couldn’t stop… on top of the delicious roasted duck! Then we had dessert too, rice porridge and some local Korean herbal date tea I think. It was nice, sweet and sour taste to wash down the palate. What a lovely dinner. I don’t think a word was said during the dinner, we just ate and ate and ate. A definite second, third, forth, fifth visit till we try everything on the menu. It’s a restaurant specialising in duck, so guess what we’ll be ordering next? 😉

Another one of our delicious eat outs. I think, I just think that I could eat this forever! I could happily eat this everyday (if it wasn’t so expensive!) but it’s the best, best daikon (white at the bottom right of the plate) dish I’ve ever eaten. It was like I’ve never tasted before. I couldn’t tell what was mixed with the raw daikon but it was just gorgeous.  I could seriously do with a heck of a lot more tofu but they were stingy buggers! My husband had the white and brown rice beef bulgogi which was just as nice… yup, guilty after the roast duck the night before! We made up, we made up!!!

And back down home-sweet-home, my beautiful beautiful fried tempeh with sweet sweet chilli sauce and a side of bruised greens of;

baby spinach, plucked, rinsed and pinched

coriander, rinsed and chopped

green chillies, rinsed and chopped

sauerkraut, 4tbsp of goodness!

Mix and indulge! Oh and punch it down a bit to bruise it so it fits into a bowl!

On the other side, twice roasted potatoes, delicious plump baked beans and double gratings of colby cheesey goodness. How’s that for a good vegetarian dinner? Now that we’re out late at night, all we want to do is have a quick meal and unfortunately fast food in a can always comes to the rescue. But we still take the time to empty it out from the can and heat it up, yes, we are not barbarians here… we still eat with a fork and knife thank you very much, but creativity comes into play when speedy food is in dire need! Did I mention speedy? Yes I did.

We are in desperate need of warm, hearty meals now that the nights are getting colder… but I’ll end with another curious note, it’s suppose to be autumn bordering winter but yet, it’s not cold… I’ve been hearing horror stories of frozen streets, icy cold bitter winds, snow… but yet nothing… Ok, we’ve had a few moments of numb face experience but heck, I thought it was going to last but I walked out with just 2 layers of clothing. I remembered walking out last month with 5 layers! What’s going on? I was hoping for my first white snowy Christmas… please God, don’t let me down! P L E A S E . . . . . . .