Christmas Is Here Already?

Wowee, how time flies. Another year, another step into tomorrow. But it makes me smile when I see fairy lights, Christmas trees, bells, snow, fluff, reindeers, toys, red and white, green, gold and silver garlands hanging everywhere. I simply love Christmas. Now it’s got me thinking of what to make, cook and do for Christmas! 🙂 Shall I start a list now? Is it too early?

Now down to my exciting finds on my wanderings around the city.

Cannot resist some good old time to myself right? Just enjoying my surroundings, lots of time to contemplate on life and love, our future and how I can keep myself motivated with the opportunities around me. Also resisting a lot of purchases! I’m so glad that a familiar sight has followed us here, the glorious black and white sign but I have to say that it is super expensive! Even more so than where we came from!! Extortion! Should make a trip back to Dubai, now that I know it’s actually much cheaper than here!! 😦

And when I’m not enjoying time outside these glass walls, I do still make lovely meals by the way! This one was a rushed one from a packet (as I enjoyed too much time outside! 😉 but it’s a simple white creamy tuna pasta with parmesan and cheddar cheese and below that was just home made sauerkraut, cucumber sticks and soybean sprouts and my absolute favourite, tuna and tofu mash with fresh green chillies and coriander. Oh dear me, that’s my favourite thing now, scrambled tofu and chilli with ANYTHING! Drizzle with tahini and sesame seeds and you have a gorgeous dip.

And for dinner last night, I had to finish some veges in the fridge. I threw together a cabbage stirfry, mixed salad leaves and fried up some smoked tempeh. I love my tempeh, never ever take me away from my tempeh!! Especially when pan fried to a crisp, I love crunching on them with Lingham Chilli Sauce… don’t ever take that away from me too!!! 😉 Oh…crispy, crunchy, soy goodness, I do admit I like to leave them on the pan a tad bit longer just to brown them, burn them slightly at the edges. I do love a bit (a lot!) of burnt edges.Not sure what the weather will be like this weekend but it’s been so sunny this entire week and today it’s cloudy and gloomy. Why does it turn bad when it’s the weekend?! Why why why?!

I have a lingering question in my head, and I’ve been having it for a while now… I am wondering if I can, if I want to and if I should become a full time vegan. The only 2 things holding me back are white meat and fish. I do love my fish and white meats. I’m struggling or maybe I should just not, I should just cut out red meat, egg and dairy. Think that’s it, I’ll keep the rest but eat them sparingly and be a flexi-vegan. I should stop fighting with myself and just do what I think and what I feel I want to and just keep myself happy and content. No point having this lingering question and argument with myself, what’s the point? I’m not doing myself any good!!