Green Walks & Food Shops, Bulgogi’s and Smoked Tempeh Chips

Hot Coffee (√)

Snuggly Warm Robe (√)

Good Movie (√)

Safe, Clean and Dry Indoors (√)

Can you take a guess what’s going on outside? Yup, it is raining outside, drizzling now but it was bucketing slightly just before. It’s gloomy and dark outside and a post came through saying that it’s cloudy today but the rain was a surprise. A welcome surprise though let me tell you but the weather’s a bit erratic, sunny the entire week and suddenly now it’s raining. Just checked tomorrow’s weather forecast and it shows a big round sun. So weird!

The weekend went past so quickly, I really hate to say it again and again, but when you’re enjoying yourself, time passes by too quickly. It’s so unfair, so so unfair. This is what I enjoyed this weekend. I wasn’t sure what dish I had but my husband had beef and pork bulgogi alongside a number of banchans which we just gorgeous. I couldn’t stop eating them. My friend told me that I eat really oddly as I don’t eat the ‘main’ meal but the side, common, cheaper dishes instead. I thought that was kinda funny, I’m sorry but I prefer the side dishes than the main dish. I think it’s because I prefer to have small portions of a lot of different dishes rather than focus on just one main big dish. I get to try different dishes and experience a wider variety of taste.

On Sunday we attended an open house and made some most exciting purchases. Along with that we went to the Foreign Food Mart and High Street Market and made some expensive food purchases including turkey breast meat, lamb galbi, pop tarts and my most exciting find being Liquid Smoke. I was so excited about finding this product as I have been reading about it on blogs but never thought I could find them here. This place has just the most amazing finds when you take the time to just browse with open eyes and patience. Along with that, I bought some fresh coriander and lemongrass, tonnes of tempeh, herbs, biccies, oh I love this shop! Can’t wait to come back and get more stuff. I had to hold back on buying a lot more as I wouldn’t be able to carry them back! That’s one of the downfalls of not having the convenience of a car, or is it a good thing? 😉

Our weekend eat outs were amazing, alongside the local food, we tried Jesters Pies, a pie chain from Australia which made it all the way out here and had Butter Chicken and Steak Pies. They were lovely, hot and chunky, the pastry was buttery and crumbly, very fragrant and crunchy. It’s nice to see some pieces of meat rather than just goo inside a pie. BUT, the best pies are still from Browns Bay on the North Shore of Auckland, cannot beat that! Think we actually tried steak and blueberry pie the last time we went there! How we did not enjoy that, but we will definitely be back again to try whatever new concoction they come up with next.

Our weekend eat ins were just as exciting. Remember my post of the banana coconut oat muffins? Having lasted this long, I had to do something with them as they have been sitting in the fridge for too long now. I decided to fry them on the pan with some coconut oil which I’ve been dying to try out and so I did. I sliced the muffins up and dipped them into the coconut oil, fried them on the stove top and enjoyed them for breakfast. They were gorgeous. The coconut oil added a lovely fragrance to it and made it so much more exciting for breakfast, something utterly different from our normal coffee banana breakfasts. My husband decided to make things abit more exciting, topping them up with pandan kaya from Malaysia. Superbly delicious!

The liquid smoke find made my eyes and tastebuds perk up! I couldn’t wait to open when I got home. I couldn’t wait to try it out on a block of tempeh, experimenting and see if I could get my husband to eat tempeh if disguised with meat flavourings. Although I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing as I have read that soya isn’t actually good for the male counterpart. For females they do wonders, but not for males. What opinions do you have for me? Any help would be appreciated.

Instructions for the liquid smoke was 1/2 tsp for seasoning and 2 tsp per pound of ground meat for burgers so what the heck do I use for slices of tempeh? I decided to just play it by ear and use 1/2 tsp and dabbled it on each piece as much as I can. The smell was wonderful, I love barbecues and miss it terribly. Having lived without a balcony for 3 years now and will continue to live without one, this is the closest I can get to having barbecued food. I love the char grill and smoky smell and flavour a barbecue gives so I was so happy to trial this out! I then fried them in a pan until golden brown and had it with brown seaweed and blanched broccoli. The smoky taste wasn’t strong at all but there was a hint of it as I made my way through each one of them but I dipped them into the lovely Lingham Chilli Sauce, couldn’t help it! 😉

And no surprise there for what I had for dessert? More of the golden orange balls and red crunchy sweet apples.

Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend too, here’s to a good week ahead filled with adventures, exciting finds and experiences. Life’s too short to spend it worrying and thinking of the worse, why not just put on that lovely expensive dress to the supermarket or using the fine china in the cupboard? Smile and enjoy the moment.