Colour Me Happy!

I am crazy! Seriously nuts, out of my mind. I woke up at 7am this morning, Saturday morning mind you, and couldn’t wait to post this up! Yup, I’m crazy! Forget about sleeping in, forget about the fact that it’s the weekend, forget about the fact that I ‘should’ have a life outside blogging, seriously, blogging is my life right now! How sad!

Yesterday evening, I decided to take a late stroll round my neighbourhood and visit one of the local fresh market. The colours of the fruits and vegetable instantly drew my gaze to these two beauties, local apples and persimmons and I couldn’t help but buy them. The store owner is this really lovely man, and we communicate through a lot of hand gestures, and I’m so grateful that he’s patient with me.

The shiny red, pinky apples (with tiny brown spots) were gorgeous, crying out to be bitten into. Everytime I bite into an apple, I wait for either the crunch or the powdery foam texture, hoping for the first, the juiciness, sweetness and the distinctive taste each type of apple gives. This one tasted so sweet, so crunchy, so juicy, it had a honey like taste, almost floral too. I wish I knew what type of apple I was eating. Visually, I know how to tell which ones I like and which ones I don’t, through trial and error.

As for the persimmons, I decided to buy the really good ones (the ones that the locals will pay to enjoy-unlike me who stuck with the ones I knew). There seem to be 3-4 different types of persimmon on sale, and the prices were all different too although I could only tell 2 apart. 1st one was the small, perfectly rounded persimmon, bright as heck orange colour, with a jelly like feel when you squeeze them gently, feels almost like they’re about to burst! And then the 2nd type is the ‘normal’ ones that I used to eat with mom back in NZ which are firm, dull yellow orange colour, crunchy and depending on how long you let it sit, depends on the sweetness, the texture and the crunch and sap it leaves in your mouth.

In my first persimmon post, I bought the 2nd type as it was the ones I knew and was familiar with. This time around, I decided to try the 1st type as the store keeper enticed me into buying them saying that they were very good (through hand gestures of course) AND to make things even better, he was selling 10 fruits for $4, but there were only 9 fruits left so he charged me $3! I thought, *bargain* so I instantly said yes! And boy, I tell you, I do not regret my decision one bit especially after cutting them and having a taste of these lovely goodies.

They were super soft, seedless, jelly like when scooped out, sweet, juicy but not drippy, melt in your mouth flesh. If you look at the photos, the fibres are visible but they just break apart so easily in your mouth, no fibre at all when you bite into it. Oh my goodness. I really don’t know how to describe it to you, it’s nothing like any persimmon I’ve ever tasted before. I wish I could physically feed the flesh to you and see the reaction on your faces because  it is IMMENSE, just Perfect! Utterly gorgeous… (can I say I ate 6 after dinner? and 4 apples too!) I couldn’t help it! They were too good! *snicker* So guess what? I’m going to eat my share of persimmons, oh I am going to eat!!!