Tempeh Wrap, Spinach Korma Noodles & Golden Persimmons

I just simply adore the striking colours that nature shows off for us, thank God for creating such a beautiful world. On my plate alone, the enticing colours are amazing and with the magic of photography and the internet, I can share them with you. This is so exciting!!!

I love exploring my neighbourhood, looking for little underground treasures and small alleyway corner nook. It’s such a delight when you open the doors and walk into a visual gastronomy of wonders. This is one new found that I finally stepped into (which I should have ages ago), called Sweet Space and it specialises in imported goods from all over the world. I found a heck of a lot of familiar brands and the best part was that they were having a super sale. So guess who lugged back 3 big heavy bags full of goodies?! To name a few, Prego’s 3 Cheese Sauce, Weetabix Raisin Clusters, Toblerone, TimTam Crush, Arnotts Biscuits… ah, I shall be back my pretty… I shall be back!

…coming back down to earth…take a look at the beautiful colours of nature

They were gorgeous, sweet, soft and tender. It’s the season now for Persimmons and they are everywhere! These little golden balls of goodness are my mom’s favourite and I wish I could share them with her. I feel happy when I see them, it reminds me of her, the way she eats it, the way she cuts them, the way she talks about them… *talk about being mushy*

We had the most gorgeous dinner last night, my all time favourite fried tempeh! You cannot go wrong with fried tempeh, few leaves of fresh green cups on the side, sauteed onions, garlic and spring onions (yes, the last of the gigantic spring onions!) and of course, something red and spicy, my all time favourite Lingham sauce from Malaysia is a must! All wrapped up in a gorgeous bundle and MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH! Think I am going to have the same thing for dinner tonight!

We also shared some left over korma fish paste curry which I added in some organic spinach noodles bought all the way from Malaysia. Super nice, super delicious! We ended the day with those golden orange beauties at the top of the page, more apples and who could resist a few bars of those TimTam crushes?! You tell me… 😉


What’s on for the weekend? We shall see, hope it involves some gorgeous food! Keep it Green, Lean Machine! Haha… (sorry)