Coconut Oat Muffin and my first play with Konnyaku Cake

Gorgeous sunny weather outside compared to the weekend’s freaky rain, it’s amazing what I see out my window today. But one thing remains the same, it’s DARN COLD! What have we come into? I’m so scared but so excited too with the prospect of having a white winter. YaY!

This weekend, I decided to use up more of the ingredients in my cupboard, a bit of reminiscent of my banana muffins I made a few weeks ago with ripen bananas and 5 grain flour. This time around, I’ve added in more ingredients and I’m so glad that the flavours didn’t clash.


4 ripe bananas

3 cups 5 grain flour

2 cups dessicated coconut

4 packets ready-t0-eat Quaker Oats (cinnamon maple flavour)

1 cup of raisins

1 cup roasted sesame seeds

water/(soy) (almond)milk

So all I did was mix everything together, but slowly pouring in the water to get to the right consistency. Just keep on mixing till you’re happy with it. Into the 180deg oven for about 30-40 min. It doesn’t matter how long because all the ingredients above can be eaten raw anyway. To bind it a bit more, I added in some eggs. It’s up to you to omit it too, but the inside will be nice, gooey and very thick. I love it. It’s gorgeous!

And then onward to my dinner adventure. Having read so much about Konnyaku Jelly, what better place to try it than here in the land of the morning calm where they would surely stock it! I found this little gem in my nearest supermarket and I just couldn’t wait to try it out. Having only tasted the sweet konnyaku jelly with fruit, I was quite worried to try the ‘cake’ form where there was an image of a savoury dish on the packet. Without hesitation, I picked up the packet, headed to the checkout and cracked my brain with what I could pair it up with in my fridge. When I got home, I picked up a bunch of spinach, onions and some garlic, keeping it simple not knowing the flavour of the konnyaku cake.

I opened the packet, took a whiff and wow… it had a sea smell to it. I knew that it was a form of a tuber so the smell was a bit of a surprise. I thought to myself, it’s ok, I eat seaweed, I love fish, so this should be ok. I took the entire cake and cubed it, sauteed it with my veges, a quick toss and turn and poured it out on the plate. Topped it with fermented soy beans and sirancha chilli sauce, I took my first bite… hhmmm… interesting. It was chewy jelly like, the taste of the sea was still strong but I think that I put too much of it in such a small dish. It was basically for one but I used the entire cake! Half the cake next time. I couldn’t finish the cake so some of it went down the bin. I want to try the noodles next time. But suffice to say, after the meal, I decided to google it (which I should have done before I cooked it!). I should have washed the cake first or soak it to get rid of the smell, and possibly cut it into smaller pieces and not put so much in!

I will definitely try it again, just learn as I go until I find something good to do with it. It’s fun experimenting! My next adventure is with Kelp Noodles that I found right next to these lovely Konnyaku cake. Think fried tofu with Kale Pesto, Korma fishcakes and left over fried rice and noodles for dinner tonight.

Guess what I’m up to now? Gooogling how to cook konnyaku cake! Haha! Ooh, the sun’s coming around now… Have a great day you all.  Happy Cooking!