Traffic Light Dinner part trois

I am so shocked, this is really unexpected, seriously, I’m not kidding here… I’m actually very surprised! Yes, traffic light dinner for 3 nights in a row? That’s such a coincidence. Here I am sat down at my desk, wondering what to call my new post when the 3 obvious colours popped up at me again while staring at my pictures, red, yellow and green. I am sorry but I couldn’t help it!

See what I mean? Red Tomatoes, Yellow Eggs and Green Spring Onions! Haha.. what a funny coincidence. This dish is super simple, fried eggs and sauteed spring onions with cherry tomatoes and a few dollops of tomato puree. I bought a humongous bag of spring onions the other day and haven’t used it yet. I bought it for the novelty of it because the spring onions here are 1m high, I kid you not! Here, let me prove it to you… have you EVER seen spring onions these massive before?

They came right up to my waist when I stood next to them! They are massive, I told my husband I had to buy them, they were USD$1.70 a bag! How could I not have them? These are grown locally, whereas the ‘normal’ sized spring onions cost double the price and are either harvested earlier or imported/brought in from somewhere else. I’m all for supporting local farmers and I’m happy to do my part. Makes me feel good inside. Suffice to say, the spring onions will be able to feed me a few days yet! Talk about spring onion OD!

And with that, another fantastic dish came out using spring onions as well, Smoked Duck Fried Rice with egg and spring onion. Yummo… the smoked duck here is available all year round and it isn’t very expensive either. It’s locally made, cost about USD$10/450g so it’s alright in my books. The rice here is different too, its short sticky rice which is the norm. So that made the fried rice that much more yummier.

I just pan fried the smoked duck and allowed the juices and flavour to flow out and then added cooked rice, spring onion to absorb them and finally the eggs on top with a final quick stir around. My secret is to then sprinkle in some Cina Nasi Goreng Perisa bought from Malaysia which I couldn’t resist buying. My hubby loves nasi gorengs so I bought a few different types of flavours to try out including a Malay flavoured one so watch out for it, can’t wait to give that one a go in the kitchen.

Mom told me yesterday that she was going to try make some savoury scones with a little secret ingredient. I’m going to give it a go as well, so hopefully hubby loves it, cos he loves savoury scones. They just make him smile when he walks in a gets a whiff of those delicious golden goodies.