Traffic Light Dinner part deux

Good morning all, what strange weather today, sunny then cloudy, now gloomy. Should I step out? Or hibernate? My super soft robe whispers..stay inside! Being in the land of the morning calm has really changed my habit of going out. In Dubai, I use to be able to just walk out knowing that it’s either HOT or SUNNY. And with both you don’t need to worry about a brolly, just go. Here, it’s a risk you take every time you step out, cos lets be truthful, I’ve been caught out several times already wearing the wrong item of clothing or leaving my brolly at home and getting soaked!

Any who, this morning, I get a lovely ding dong song door bell ring and wondered who it could be. Lo and behold, I get a package from Roking Magazine after accidentally stumbling onto their website.

Yay, another English magazine find which is *awesome*. I decided to take my chance on asking for their magazine to be sent to me and lovely Chloe did just that. She is amazing and I cannot thank her enough… maybe a thank you gift is warranted. Hhmm… let me see what I can do… 😉 So now, I’ve got 3 lovely magazines to browse through today in my super soft robe!! Right?! Love the magazine!! Thank you Rok-stars!

So… let’s wrap and roll. Dinner couldn’t be much easier or cosier, 3 simple ingredients and 1 dish makes me happy. Suffice to say, it all went into my tummy, none for the hubby, he had to get takeaways! 🙂

Gorgeous kale leaves, fresh sliced chillies, cherry tomato halves and Indian Beanie Bites. YUMMO! What more can you ask for? No, I’m not a meanie, just wanted it all to myself for a change.