Adventures of the Exploding Garlic

Well, what an exciting start I had to the weekend that just went past! Read the title of this post again, yes, you read it right and no, I’m not writing a children’s story book (although, there’s is potential to start something up.. hhmm..) Adventures of the Exploding Garlic, yes.

I’ve always loved garlic because my mom loves garlic and she puts it in everything she cooks. She was suffering from arthritis and aching joints, and was told that eating raw garlic would help get rid of the pain. She tried it and oh what relief, the pain went away within 6months! She kept on eating garlic in all forms till today keeping the ache at bay, although eating too much garlic can be bad too as garlic contains sulphur. Well, everything in moderation like they say right?

Being in the land of the morning calm, garlic is a staple in their daily meals. Raw garlic especially when eating ssam, is packed into the green pocket of goodness along with a grilled juicy piece of pork or beef. The garlic here, I must say, is very different to the ones I use to eat which were from China. They were white, young, tender and very easy to peel. These buggers over here are hard, firm, crunchy and dark, old? can I say, with red, brown and black stripes across the skin. No point looking for “young” garlic because it doesn’t exist here. They are all the same but, they can be kept for a long time without sprouting which is great! A big bag will last for quite some time in my household!

So, back to it, Adventures of the Exploding Garlic. I decided to listen and obey my garlic craving and roasted some of those little beauties, whole, in the oven with some gorgeous red and yellow capsicums for a vege wrap I had planned for dinner. Little did I know, I would have a little surprise (but oh so fun!) and adventure, watching them roast in the oven.

Yes, as soon as it went past 30min, the little fellas started jumping, doing 360deg flips mid air, bursting, exploding and squirting all the lovely goodness all over my oven!! What a shame that at least 10 of them decided to splatter all over the oven, leaving me to clean after dinner when I should be enjoying a chill out session in front of the TV! They were like little fireworks, going off in the oven which gave me suprised shocks when one decided to burst up in the air and do a dance while exploding! Some came out whole but deliciously roasted inside, some decided to just melt and flow out and some decided to shrivel and die! Haha! Oh what joy I have to say, watching them bake and yes, I did sit down and stare into my oven for the remaining 30min of roasting time.

Before you ask me, yes, I would do it again, but this time, I would slice or break the skin so that the garlic goodness isn’t wasted on the walls on my oven, I’d rather the goodness in my mouth! We had a lovely kale wrap with the roasted garlic and capsicum, alongside roasted tempeh, miso paste, chilli sauce and beautiful green peas!

Let me at it again please!