Happy 200th Post Day!

Wow, I cannot believe that I’ve reached 200 posts. What the heck do I ramble on able in the last 199? And you poor things had to read them all, I pity you guys! 😉 But seriously, when I had to re-categorise my posts, I had to go through each one of them painstakingly. This was actually a really great way to revisit my blog and see all the wonderful cooking and baking that I did. Going through them one by one, it made me realise, “man… I sure did a lot of good cooking and alot of new dishes that I tried… wow”. I never knew that I had it in me to do what I’ve done. Some of the dishes that I made surely took a heck of a lot of time putting together and I was quite astonished that I put all that effort into creating that dish. I definitely want to revisit some of the dishes that I made because they just look so damn delicious!

Some of you might have already come to realise that I’ve been through a major shift in my life, our life and these photos are a little hint as to where we are right now. We’re into our 4th month and eaten our way into the local food which we are both absolutely enjoying to the brim. We try to eat out more often because, for one, it’s cheaper than cooking at home (boo hoo for me) and secondly, we love the local cuisine. Also, it gives me more shopping and sight seeing time (yay for me)!

So without any further ado, I’d like to present to you, some local cuisines that we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy… take a guess as to where we are by posting a comment below! 🙂

They are pretty simple hints if you know your worldly cuisines! These are some of the eat outs that we’ve been enjoying but I have already put my mark with the local cuisine, some are hits and some are misses but it’s all fun and games. I found my favourite ingredient being widely used here in all shapes, forms, textures and especially smells but I am not complaining, I am loving it. I am proud of my husband opening his palate high and wide, enjoying the local cuisine may it be spicy or spicy! Haha but at least we get to enjoy meat again, freely this time.
Below are some of my home made cooking since we’ve been here. They are so different to what I use to cook, the major change being the availability of ingredients of course. Enjoy!
Thank you all for your support this far, I hope that you will all continue to enjoy my blog. I will try to keep the posts coming with the latest and greatest of our new adventure in our new place.
I’m so looking forward to trying new things and challenging myself as ever, cos that’s what makes a foodie life exciting right? I look forward to tentalising your tastebuds everywhere I go and with everything I eat and enjoy on your behalf!