>Wild Ginger ICONIC at Deira City Centre


This was actually our second visit to Wild Ginger – before we found out about UAE Food Explorer – and it has changed since we were there about 2 months ago. Tucked inside ICONIC at Deira City Centre, this little gem was a joy to discover! The layout, environment, the view was just spectacular. The light and airy feel of the urban cafe feel was one that attracted us and of course the fact that we could have a meal after alot of walking and shopping within ICONIC is another tick in the box!  They served Pan Asian, which includes Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.
Several changes to the place were the layout of the restaurant/cafe and the menu. The menu was a tick box menu much like Noodle House and Ping Pong, but now it’s changed to the normal menus, in a booklet style. We were greeted with a chalk board at the entrance of the walkway with the specials of the day which wet our appetite as we walked in.
The specials for the day was sizzling beef hotplate, beef siew mai, beef dumpling and one other dish that I cannot recall. We were greeted by a lovely waitress who explained the cuisine and led us to our table. Within seconds, a waiter came to take our order for drinks which we haven’t even made yet but decided to settle for the first hot drink on the menu which was green tea. We were presented with little cute Japanese teapots and cups with real green tea leaves soaking in the pot rather than out of a teabag. We were very impressed as the tea was thick and cloudy and authentic. However, there wasn’t much water which made the tea taste like fresh seaweed juice! We asked for the teapots to be changed and more hot water added which they gladly obliged.
For starters, we ordered one plate each of the beef siew mai and beef dumpling. They were gorgeous! Juicy on the inside, firm on the outside, warm to the mouth. The dumplings were big, fat and meaty – suffice to say, when we finished them, we ordered 2 more plates!
For our mains, we ordered the Som Tam (green papaya salad) with the dressing on the side, Tori Don and Wild Ginger Fried Rice. The green papaya salad was absolutely fantastic, fresh, delicious, light and crunchy! I could eat several more servings of the salad! The portion was nice for the price (dhs18). The Tori Don was basically Chicken Katsu Kari with steamed rice and Japanese salad however the description was Deep Fried Chicken with Sauteed Vegetables and a side of Japanese Salad. The Wild Ginger Fried Rice was fried rice with fried egg, seafood and chicken pieces.
All in all, the meal was lovely and everything was nice and freshly made. We enjoyed it, although the portions were smaller than expected. The beef siew mai and dumplings and the Som Tam were the highlight of the meal – we would definitely go back again for them! The experience, ambience, customer service were good and for the price. The location was definitely a plus after a good shop around Deira City Centre, away from the hussle and bussle of the mall.