>Me Myself and I


I was due a good massage for ages now, with the 10hrs spent in the kitchen baking Chinese New Year cookies, my husband made a booking for me at Jasmine Spa at the Grand Millennium Hotel for me, for a 90min Sweedish massage. I was really looking forward to it as my body was just aching and crying out for a good massaged. I was literaly bending over at the end of the day. This would be the 3rd time since being in Dubai that I had a massage at Jasmine Spa and with its close proximity, it was easy to get to.

But I definitely spoke too soon as it was that week when we had the sand storm and it was not an enjoyable walk at all. I had dust in my hair, eyes, mouth, EVERYWHERE! I didn’t feel fabulous walking there and it was just as bad walking back. The massage oil made easy access for the dust to stick on my skin which wasn’t very nice! Anyway… back to the experience, aside from the lovely massage, I really enjoy the relaxation room where they had 3 lounge chairs, the lighting was yellow and dim which made it really easy to fall asleep and relax. I was offered a cup of green tea and there were magazines for me to read too. I spent a total of 5hours there from my 1 hour steam room session, 90min massage session and the rest of it changing, cleaning, showering and relaxing! What a lovely day. I didn’t want to leave the place at all! Shall I suggest to my husband that we should make the Grand Millennium our next move to stay? 😉

A few random shots of my day out during the week – this one was a green tea moment at Kino Cafe with a few foodie books (I cannot get enough)! apple, water and an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa, Old Town, Souk Al Bahar and the fountain! My other favourite place to lounge after my exhaustive day walking Dubai Mall!
This little cutie was found on a walk along JBR, the shop was called Moda which sold the most quirkiest furnitures, homeware and kitchenware. It was so cute I couldn’t resist sneaking a picture of it.
Well, back to the now, yesterday I decided to finally drag myself down to Al Safa Park to take a look for myself this notorious Flea Market. I’ve always wanted to go but have procrastinated for over a year now. Making my way to the Mall of Emirates, I decided to stay on the metro and head down to Al Safa Park purely because the day was so nice, I decided to opt for a walk outdoors. My stop was Business Bay in which I walked back on Sheik Zayed Road which took me about 10min to get from that station to Al Safa Park. By that time it was around 11am and the place was packed with people coming and going. I was really looking forward to this trip and was so glad I took it although I was dressed for the mall, I was perspiring a tad bit. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.
I noticed that the footpath along the perimeter of the park was soft and remembered that it was specifically done that way for runners. The mature trees along the footpath created shading for the runners as well which was well thought of, especially for hardcore runners during the hotter seasons.
Arriving at Gate 5, there were a few people hanging around, some were packing to leave, some were packing to sell. It costs aed3 to get into the park, not too bad considering the park was very well kept and manicured with BBQ facilities and other facilities kept well and clean.

As I walked along the pathway towards the hoards of stall and people, I was really looking forward to what gems and goodies I could find. There were alot of people, picnic goers of families and friends, bbq’s flaring left and right with intoxicating smells wafting through the air. I was surprised I didn’t end up introducing myself to the nearest bbq stand and digging into a couple of sausages and steaks!
Anyway, on I went, eyeing the entire layout and planned my walking path to make sure I saw everything the market had to offer. Suffice to say, it offered all sorts, mostly 2nd hand goods, all kinds and all sorts of people were selling their goods. From soft toys to shoes, slippers, bags, clothes (think I saw some underwear in there too), accessories, makeup, books, dvds, cds, etc. I browsed through but came out with nothing as some were either too expensive or just too old and tacky for me.
I was spent after all that, I went around twice to make sure I really didn’t find anything I wanted and walked away at around 11.30am. It was a good experience, but I wouldn’t go back again. But if I was wanting to sell my goods, this would be a good place to do it hoping that there won’t be people like me who are too picky and choosy! I say the dvds, books and cds are the best bet to get from a place like this but then again you have to be careful as what the contents are. Most of them look legit anyway so it should be ok.
After my trip back to the metro station, I stopped by Mall of Emirates for some R&R and a good cuppa. I decided to try out a new Starbucks that replaced Le Pain Quotident when it moved to fashion avenue a few months ago. What brought me to it was the “blackness” of the place, almost professional business like Starbucks unlike the casual laid back “green” Starbucks it’s well known for.
You’ve heard of Hugo Boss Green? Orange and Black? This is the same concept for me, I called it Starbucks Black purely because of the black colour sign and the dim, urban, sophisticated and stylish outfitting of the cafe. I like it! It is definitely very me. Thinking that it would be filled with a ‘certain’ type of people, business suits, etc, it wasn’t at all. Far from it, it was my place to be. It was a very sophisticated place, the layout of the cafe was quaint and stylish, just right for any type of stylistas, fashionistas,ladies who lunch and of course good enough for suits! It was packed when I walked in, all the comfy chairs were taken, only the wooden tables were available so I decided to order a large Latte to take away. As I waited for my coffee to arrive, the place cleared out abit and I was lucky to claim a lovely corner 2seater table which I could snuggle into.
The chair was so big that I could bring my legs up and fold them and settled down pretty well and quickly. I managed to get The National newspaper (with my favourite m-magazine) and enjoyed my time. I quickly made myself comfortable and enjoyed my large coffee for the longest time. Dreading when the feeling came, I had to finally get myself up, packed and headed to the nearest toilet! 😦 Wasn’t happy that I had to leave my comfy chair knowing that someone else will take it as soon as I walked out!
But I love the place. It will be my to-go place now when I get bored, just need to be out and surrounded by noise, movement, people and slow buzz. I just love the ambience, the layout, the dim yellow lights, the sophisticated and stylish feel of the cafe (aside from several screaming, jumping and kids running everywhere), the modern and abstract paintings and hangings on the wall and the lovely staff. I still enjoy Costas and St Moritz but for a change, Starbucks Black is my Starbucks to head to for abit of me myself and I time.