>Our First Homemade Arabic Dinner


Woo Hoo… I finally manage to get around to cooking an Arabic dinner for us! Oh, but how embarrassing after being here for so long now that it took me so long to get my head around to this. But, it isn’t all my fault – I was waiting for Suzanne Husseini’s cookbook to come out to give me a push to make a homecooked Arabic meal. Flicking through the book once I got it from the book launch at Bloomingdale’s I was hooked and inspired by the ingredients used. They were all pure, fresh, wholesome and healthy! Why oh why did I wait so long? But now I’m hooked. As previously blogged (to my husband’s absolute dismay) I have since started collecting several more Middle Eastern cookbooks… um, dare I say how many more? I think not, to save my own skin.
Observing the fridge and larder, I found a few ingredients lying around and looked through her book to create 2 dishes and lo and behold, I found them.
Moussaq’aa and Chicken Shawarma
The main ingredients being a chickpea and tomato stew, roasted aubergines and chicken with loads of lovely gorgeous spices, herbs and lemon juice. Utterly utterly gorgeous. The combination of spices were questionable as there were about 7 of them but hands down, the shawarma is now my favourite chicken dish to make now and forever more AMEN!

Put them all together, roasted aubergine topped and stuffed with chickpea and tomato stew and chicken shawarma on the side. You could add fresh salad or some lebanese bread at the side, it’s up to your preference. You could even have some rice? Mix and match but we had it as it is.

My experiment for this new year is to try all Arabic food from all the cookbooks that I bought and if and when permitted and available, a little homegrown Chinese Malaysian twist to it dare I say, but only ever so slightly. I just have to make sure that they don’t clash or overpower each other. I love my fresh herbs, spices and what nots so I am open to all types of food. Love it love it love it. Thumbs up from my husband as well who enjoyed it and wiped his plate clean within minutes. Probably also helped that he was hungry when he got home from work! 😉 But kudos to him to widening his palette and willing to try new things!