>Oh How I Miss Thee Ms Popiah


Ah popiah, popiah, popiah, how I miss thee so! After being in Dubai for almost 2 years now and haven’t been back to Asia since, I’ve always craved for popiah. Having postponed making this dish for too long now (eversince dear mom sent me Chinese sausages), I finally got around to making it and absolutely loved it! Even my husband was in for the enjoyment and experience as this would be his first time having it. Popiah is basically the Malaysian/Nyonya version of wrapped fresh vegetable spring roll. The popiah has a special popiah skin but can’t be found here so I substituted with Vietnamese Rice Paper and Lebanese Bread, or you can even use tortilla, just whatever wrapping you like. Considering Chinese New Year’s around the corner, this is a great start to the festive season.
Introducing the fabulous fantastic ingredients, first down the red carpet;
Chinese Pork Sausages and Pork & Liver Sausages (steamed)

Fried Eggs (rolled and sliced)

Stir Fry Turnip, Carrots (both julienne) with lots of fresh coriander and spring onions

Onions and Garlic (fried till caramelised and crispy) – use scallions for crispier, fragrant onions

Ta-Da, this is the layout of the table, all the above including tauge (beansprouts), rice paper, hoisin, plum, chilli sauces on the side. What’s missing was peanut sprinkles at the top… think that was all that was missing.

Lets Wrap n Roll…

This is the rice paper version (dip the rice paper in some hot water till soft)

Another version is the lebanese bread version which worked really well, turned out like a Chinese Tortilla Wrap!

The next day we had some left over turnip stirfry so we had it with fried salmon and onion stirfry noodles. Yummylicious I have to say so myself.
No more postponing, or procrastinating in the new year, I thought popiah would take ages to prepare but it really didn’t. The only thing that took a while was the julienne turnip and carrots but just for the 2 of us, it didn’t take long to do. I absolutely loved the sausages, haven’t had it for ageeesssssss… but I couldn’t stop eating it! Mom, send some more please… Did I say that I love you and you’re the bestest mummy in the whole wide world? 😉
I’m slowly making my CNY menu for eve dinner and bakings too… have you got yours organised? Do tell, do tell.