>Spinach and Lentil Patties with Tofu and Jacket Potatoes topped with Chilli Con Carne


Did I get the shock of my life or what? If you can’t see the image properly, click on it and tell me what you see! Imagine you’re only looking at a picture, I actually had it in my mouth and I think… I think, I had abit of that black stuff you see on the white flesh…eeeewwww…. YES I had some of the little worm inside there! YUCK! Thanks alot!

Aside from that, breakfast have been super delicious and scrummy. We had banana oat buckwheat pancakes one morning and no, I did not burn the pancakes, it turned black from the sugar of the over ripen bananas that we had to eat. I hate over ripen bananas as they are too sweet, so I mashed them with oats, buckwheat cereal, bran and milk for these lovely pancakes. Topped with a dollop of warm butter and lemon curd, super yummy to start off the day.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I made these lovely spinach lentil patties for dinner with aubergine and set them out as burgers. I had loads left over as my husband didn’t care for them too much so I had the entire tray to finish myself. I had them over the past 4 days and I absolutely loved them. I will admit to say that I’m happy to take a break from them for now, but they will show their face soon enough. I just absolutely love vegetarian patties, especially with my favourite bird’s eye chilli. Speaking of which, it’s finishing soon – need to go out and get some refills!

For the husband, he was craving potatoes as I haven’t made any for him since we landed here, potato jackets was on his top priority list. He named a few toppings that he loves, his top three were chilli con carne, baked beans, butter and cheese. So we went hunting around for sauces, cheese, beans, the lot and came home happy and smiling. We bought 3 huge lovely potatoes, baked them for 1hr with salt pepper and olive oil, and cooked the chilli con carne.

Just as it came out from the oven, the potato was sliced into four to break it open in the middle, drizzled some hot butter and sprinkled some gouda cheese and leave it to melt. Then for the piece of resistance, a few hearty scoops full of chilli con carne to finish off a delectable looking meal. Want some?
For last night’s meal, I finished the last 4 patties, with the other half of the tofu and some wakame.

Had to add this in, what a lovely sight, chilli con carne potato jacket swirled with tomato sauce and spinach lentil patties with tofu wakame salad swirled with thai bird’s eye chilli sauce… *sigh* talk about being weak in the knees over some pictures huh?! Can you taste it? I can.