>Dinner at Seville’s WAFI and the Weekend


I decided to head to Deira City Centre on the first day of the Dubai Sales Festival, wanting to get the best deals from Magrudy’s 35% sale on everything. I’m such a bookworm, trust me – our home is filled with books, magazines, etc as I am a collector of beautifully designed printed materials of all forms to my husband’s dismay. Lets just say our home can be described as “Living With Books”.
I picked up a few more Arabic/Middle Eastern cookbooks ever since I got my hands on Suzanne Husseini’s cookbook as for my new 2011 resolution is to use more local produce and eat local cuisine infused with my heritage cuisine. There are a number of posts, news and PR out there regarding organic farming, organic produce, eating locally, eating ethically by reducing carbon footprints in any way possible. A new pickup can be seen in the 2nd picture below! šŸ˜‰ The Arabian Nights Cookbook by Habeeb Salloum.

After a lovely morning browse at Magrudys, I headed over and around Deira City Centre but didn’t get anything else as I just didn’t need anything. My wardrobe is bursting at the hinges!! Shocking statement as I am much a fashionista, I think my priorities have changed, I spend majority of my moolah on books instead of clothes and shoes nowadays and of course, food and still on the look out for good coffee.

While walking back towards the metro, I decided to stop over at Costa Coffee which was located at such a good private spot, a set of comfy couches by the window with a gorgeous view with the sun rays coming through. I ordered a big cuppa and was tickled by what I see advertised about, Flat White – the new item on their coffee menu! Welcome to the 21st century? You’re a century behind the rest of the world??? Good to see that it’s here though, although through my extensive knowledge of coffee *ahem*, what pray tell is the difference between a latte and a flat white? I have no clue. Anyone care to enlighten me?

I just want to comment a bit more on Arabic Cuisine, when I browsed through Suzanne’s book, I was happy to see that all the ingredients and food are made without extra sauces, preservatives, where they are all whole and fresh, using local ingredients and way of life. It is all so enlightening as now my fascination for Arabic, Middle Eastern food for that matter, has increased resulting in more purchasing of cookbooks. I will happily enough tryout more local food by home cooking using local ingredients (hopefully lighter on the monthly food shopping bill?) as well as eating out and looking out for the best local down to earth good old fashion creole Arabic street food places. Keen to try out Zaroob, alot of hype about it…Now I just have to convince my husband to explore his palette!

I sat down with the sunshine, cookbooks and wordsearch puzzle as my date, I sat down and enjoyed some down time for about 2.5hrs. Time sure flies when you’re enjoying yourself and relaxing. Wish time would stand still for good times.

I then made my way to Wafi as I made plans for dinner at Sevilles for their Anniversary specials, where a selected of tapas and drinks are aed10 each. I had to take this deal and try it out as I have been wanting to try Spanish food for a while now. To my utter dismay and annoyance, there was no metro stop close to Wafi, having paid aed4.10 on the metro over 10 stops and having to pay aed15 from Deira City Centre to Wafi which only took me 5min!!!!!!!!!! I could have used that money to buy 3 books on sale!! So so so annoyed.

Anyway, the layout and atmosphere at Sevilles was lovely. I cannot say anything bad about the ambience of the place, we had a seat outside so it was like we were dining out on a garden. The lighting, the seats, the staff members were all set out right. The only thing was the weather, it was a tad bit cold so we order a few rounds of coffee before our meal.

We were given the al la carte menu and the specials menu but our aim was to try everything on the specials menu – thinking that tonight’s dinner was only going to set us back aed80 for meal – as there were 8 tapas on special. So we ordered all 8 and it took about 15min for the food to arrive to our table.

Clockwise from the top left hand corner – chicken bbq skewers, potato and prawn croquette on ciabatta, prawn and vegetable salad on ciabatta, roasted vegetables with tomato on ciabatta, steamed cod with peas and parsley puree, crispy battered calamari with mayo, roastedĀ fieryĀ potatoes and onion fries topped with fried egg sunnyside up and cheese chilli bread to accompany.

I was shocked when they arrived, the portions wereĀ minuscule! Super tiny! If I took a breath, they would all disappear off the table! Goodness me. This wasn’t going to be cheap dinner after all! We finished the 8 dishes in a blink of an eye and I was definitely not satisfied! Suffice to say, we ordered more, more of our favourites. So 2 more plates of chicken bbq skeweres, onion fries and egg, steamed cod and a traditional spanish salad. Nothing traditional about it being being similar to a Tuna Nicoise Salad (without the olives), the vinegar dressing was the “traditional spanish bit”, that was it. Along with another basket of chilli cheese bread.

All in all, it was a nice night out, but from my previous tapas experience (not in Dubai), the tapas were much bigger than what we got served. Guess it’s like what they say, you get what you pay for? We wanted so much to order the chorizo tapa but was afraid to be disappointed as it was priced at aed47. The bill came up to aed 250 for the both of us. Ouch!

The next morning we had a light breakfast and sat out on the balcony,Ā reminiscingĀ on dinner last night. We had a few positives and negatives. The weather was dark and gloomy, it drizzled a little bit but I was waiting for some full on rain fall, thunder and lightning but alas, it never came. I’m still waiting… waiting…

But can’t complain when we’re enjoying dessert for lunch – Mint Chocolate Cheesecake! šŸ™‚