>Table Top Pizza Cooker and Bath n Body Works My New Favourite Place to Be



And I want to shop here!

I’m so happy to find out that Bath&Body Works, Lifestyle and Pottery Barn just opened in Dubai Mall. I haven’t been to Mirdiff City Centre yet but have always wanted to go purely to visit Pottery Barn but since it’s come to Dubai Mall, we don’t have to travel that far! BUT BUT BUT, having heard so much about it, Mirdiff City Centre warrants a visit for sure! Did I read it right that it’s the biggest mall in Dubai or just the newest? Dubai Mall is still the biggest right? The problem is that when we visit new places, we tend to break our bank account. But in my defence, DSF has started today and I’m sure it’s the best time for a visit! 😉 Have an absolutely great day everybody – I’ve been sitting here for the past 1hr updating my blog and now it’s time to head out and enjoy some shopping. Still dark and gloomy outside, bit threatening really… speaking of which, we don’t actually own an umbrella being here in Dubai, you don’t think you need one do you?!