>Sweet and Sour Sausages and Chilli Fried Tofu with Pak Choy


Who loves tofu? I love tofu! Oh my goodness, I just cannot get enough of tofu. It goes with everything for me, I eat it like rice, it goes with anything and everything for me! I eat tofu every week in all form shapes and size! Blended, fried, steamed, you name it, I’ve done it.
So for this night, I cubed a block of tofu and enjoyed it with some steamed bakchoy and made a sweet and sour sauce with some panfried pork sausages.

Oh oh, I have to post about this find from Carrefour. I was just browsing through the aisles of Carrefour, like I always do, and normally avoiding the pickled section, decided TO visit the pickled section and found this little beauty. Chilly Red Paste. It was sat amongst pickled veges, pickled olives, mustards, artichokes, etc. The beautiful striking redness of the chilli called out to me, inviting me to have a taste… standing there for a few minutes with the lady behind the counter looking at me weirdly, I decided to buy a spoonful of it. I hurried home, panfried the tofu and quickly dunked it in and stuffed it into my mouth. It wasn’t like the normal chilli paste that I have had, this one is pickled. It was sour, probably Middle Eastern style? They do like their vegetables pickled, wonder if it’s part of their cold mezze spread? It was nice, spicy, sour and may warrant a second visit. It’s fresh blended chilli with some form of vinegar I’m sure, not bad really.

The sweet and sour was simple, capsicum, onions, carrots and cucumber. In they went with 1/2cup apple cider vinegar and 2tsp of plum sauce. Simply delicious!

Served with pork sausages, brown rice and sweet and sour sauce. I’ve been experimenting on making simple and quick sweet and sour sauce from scratch without using a bottled sauce or packet with added preservatives etc and here I found a great simple recipe! Yay finally! I’m so happy! And the best bit is that when I took the sweet and sour vegetables out of the fridge the next day, I had a taste and whoa… sweet and sour pickled vegetables!!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!! If only I had a side of prawn crackers and some of those chilli paste, it could be Acar I was eating right there and then! Another recipe within a recipe! How great is that?!