>Mint Chocolate Cheesecake with a Date Coconut Almond Crust


Oh la la… this is one of my favourites! Borders went on sale, their crazy aed10 sale, and being a book nutcase, horder, buyer, bookaholic, whatever you want to call me (bring it on!) I went down in a rush to see what I could get, but first wallet check, to see how many I can get rather!
I found a little beauty called Sweet Gratitude. It’s a raw dessert cookbook filled with awesome recipes and most importantly lots of gorgeous and inspiring pictures. I am in a raw dessert craze right now, just because I love exploring and experimenting with new and alternative option to the normal desserts. Alongside this book are books from Ani Phyo, Juliano, Matt Amsden and the awesome Matthew Kenney. They are all raw foodist which I simply adore. I can only look in awe at those pictures and salivate, hoping one day I will get my lazy bum up and make them.
But this one is dedicated to my husband. He simply loves the chocolate and mint combo so I made this for him. I bought several bars of mint chocolate bars a few weeks ago and decided to use it for this dessert. I mentioned the buys to him but he always forgets to eat them so I will have to utilise them in a way that he will remember to eat it!
To start the preparation for the Mint Chocolate Cheesecake;
1 date crust (almond, dates, coconut, cocoa powder, vanilla essence)
3 bars of melted choc mint
3 cups of cashews, soaked and blended with vanilla and peppermint essence

Prepare and pour in the ‘cheese’ mixture in the readied crust, dolloping the melted chocolate at the top and slowly but gently push then down. Spoon some more chocolate on the top, use a skewer and start swirling gently to get a swirly effect. Simple!

In the freezer it goes for 1-2 hours, the remove and put in the fridge for another 1-2hours before serving so that the cheesecake will melt a little bit. Or if you’d rather just place in the fridge for 4hours before serving for it to set together.

Sorry this slice is abit wonky but we couldn’t resist it but have it straight from the freezer which made it utterly difficult to cut into. We should have rented a chainsaw to slice into the cheesecake!

But suffice to say, the cheesecake was so so lovely. The cashew cheese was so light (unlike the heavy creamy dairy cream cheese), the chocolate was just a lovely touch and the crust was sweet, chewy and so fragrant. This is definitely one to make again! So many, too many great recipes to try in so little time! Oh how I wish I could make them all right now… Who wants some free dessert tasting? 😉