>Dinners of Fluffy Tofu Omelette to Steamed Salmon with Dill and Lemon and Sticky BBQ Ribs to Edamame with Cold Wakame Salad Cheese Platter


Good Morning Duuuubai! Dark and gloomy outside, exactly how I like it! Well, last night I looked at my rich photo collection and found lots of foods that I haven’t posted up so that’s exactly what I’m doing now. A collection of deliciousness that will have you salivating in no time. But seriously, I’ve been thinking about this for some time now (and still haven’t done anything about it) about my photograph skills. It’s pretty lacking of any I have to say. Very amateurish, very homegrown. I will try, no promises, but I will try to take better photographs, promise.
Following from the previous blog of my lovely chicken liver curry, we had some left over and as you know, I like to look at the ingredients in my fridge and concoct something up. So here we have a lovely fluffy tofu omelette for the hubby as he doesn’t like tofu on its own, unlike me, with a side of the left over chicken liver curry. And as an addition on the side, as well as for his lunches for the next few days, wheatgerm coated chicken breasts with olive oil.

For me, I like my tofu panfried, brown and crispy and as always doused in lots of thai birds eye chilli!

The lovely fresh salmon tails were swimming towards me for the next meal, crying out to be eaten! I had some fresh dill and lemons in the fridge and voila, steamed salmon with fresh dill, lemon rind and lemon juice. Utterly gorgeous. I love working with fresh herbs and ‘fruit’ juices and if you haven’t noticed, I love wrapping my food steaming or baking/roasting. It’s just so easy and so fast, although I do realise that it contributes abit more to the landfill, it’s so easy. I will try to reduce this way of cooking, I am quite concious about the waste that it’s adding to landfills but hey, we’re in Dubai, our carbon footprint is the size of whooping big foot’s momma’s momma.

And here you go, with a side of roasted veges and those old old brussel sprouts from all the way from Christmas! I bought an extra packet when it was on sale in Choitrams, I couldn’t resist it as it’s been too long since we’ve had brussel sprouts. Because it was frozen, it turned out really brown and lifeless when thawed, bit lumpy, chewy, soft and gross when baked BUT I still loved it. I had the majority of it as the hubby didn’t really enjoy it. I love any and all veges no matter what condition it’s in!!!

And for dessert, this bowl of lovely fat juicy sweet cherries. Pity it was abit expensive otherwise I would be out the door roughing it for another few kgs at Carrefour. Think I got it for aed54/kg from USA which was abit expensive. The cheapest cherries that I found was a few months ago for aed30/kg from Oman, they were just as good. Cherries are cherries to me.

For my husband’s next few lunches, I made tuna pasta bake. He mentioned several times that he missed it – the way I find out what he wants to eat is just asking him nonchalantly – so, what do you miss eating? And in that way, I take the time to surprise him with it. This is a simple quick dish;

1can of baby corn
1can of button mushrooms
2cans of tuna in brine
2cups of pasta, cooked
5eggs, beaten with some milk, salt and pepper
emmental cheese

And in the oven the tuna pasta bake goes with some gorgeous pork ribs we bought from Park n Save. They DO have the best bakery and butchery! The ribs were utterly gorgeous! They were big, juicy, thick, meaty and rich. In the oven it goes with few dollops of Char Siew Sauce by Lee Kum Kee. I also sneaked in some carrot chips for some crunch.

One of those nights, my husband came home with a surprise behind his back, a big juicy Korean Nashi Pear. It was humongous! I’ve never seen a nashi pear that big before as I normally eat Chinese Nashi Pear which is like 1/4 of the size! Then lo-and-behold, we found them in Choitrams for aed13/kg and so we got 3 which came up to 1kg! It was expensive but so worth it. The fruit was so juicy, sweet, crunchy and less grainy than the Nashi pears from China. Oh so so worth it.

And for a Thursday night meal, I came home late and didn’t have time to cook so we had another cheese platter, just to finish off the smoked salmon that has been sitting in the fridge for too long. I was utterly relieved to find that it was still delicious because it was packed in air tight plastic which sealed the goodness inside and kept the badness outside. I blanched some edamames, broccoli and wakame, rye crisps, cheddar and cream cheese along with the smoked salmon and a beautiful bottle of rose to end the working week with. Just lovely.