>Dubai in January 2011


This is the view from our balcony, clouds! Oh glorious clouds! Gulf News reported that we are expected some rain but so far, nothing in our area. I’ve heard of rain in areas around us but not in our area which is a bummer. I miss rain, I miss the sound and smell of rain having been deprived 11months of the year, also not to mention a good wash down of the buildings! I couldn’t help but take these few shots, it was a gorgeous night which hopefully will continue on for the next few weeks at least.

I have been keeping up to date with I Live In A Frying Pan with Arva and was very much so tickled by her descriptions and adventures of finding the ultimate coffee experience in Dubai. I am an avid coffee drinker as well and we have been seeking the best coffee in Dubai as well. We’ve tried most of the chain coffee houses but have yet to try the kitsch coffee houses but so far, my husband likes the coffee at Costa Coffee. I’m not too sure myself as every cup of coffee I have is always different no matter if it’s the same coffee chain. The Costa coffee brewed in Mall of Emirates will definitely be different to the one at Ibn Battuta Mall so I cannot really say I have a favourite. However, following Time Out Dubai, RAW Coffee at Dubai Garden Centre has been said to make the best coffee – we shall make it there one of these days!

BUT, below are pictures of coffee from my gym – which I have to say suffice for me after my hard work out (NOT!) at the gym. It has the creme and froth at the top too! Honestly, it’s from a coffee machine! Gotcha!

The beginning of the week, we woke up to this lovely sight. It showered lightly during the night and fogged up which was a novelty. A nice cooling walk to get coffee and back again after the fog dissipated otherwise I would have been run over by seriously dumb Dubai drivers out there. It was reported that a few people died on the road from car accidents due to the fog. I mean, come on guys, drive according to the weather conditions! Have you no common sense?!
When it’s times like these with such opposite weather to that expected in a desert, it makes living here abit better personally. I’m glad that Dubai has 4seasons, at least it gives us the chance to cool down and enjoy the few jackets we have mossing up in the cupboard! Has it been extra cold this winter? I find myself layering up to 4 layers and yes, I have been getting weird looks by everybody I walk by. Nah… don’t really care.

Wanted to add in a bouquet of my favourite flowers! 🙂 From the hubby when I was sick, and what a surprise to find an assortment of colours too. The smell of lilies are just so lovely.

What are your plans for today? I’m contemplating on whether to head out or slouch at home in my PJs… its sunny outside, cooling but there are dark clouds too… hhmm… really wanting to check out Borders sale. I’m such a sucker for books (&cookbooks). Help?