>Happy New Year Everyone

>2011 already?! Where has the year gone? I shall start on a positive note for a positive new year… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! The new year started here with such a bang and blast as we decided to head down to Burj Khalifa to enjoy the fireworks that has been the talk of the town. Being it’s first new year’s bash since it was officially opened 1 year ago today (4th Jan 2010), we wanted to be with the in-crowd to see what the Burj Khalifa had to offer.

We decided to head down a couple of hours before hand to make sure we had a parking spot, trawling through the traffic jam as soon as we exited Sheik Zayed Road and slowly ended up at Al Manzil Hotel which was fairly quiet at that time of night (7pm). We walked out on a cool Thursday night with a good number of people and traffic around downtown burj which is always a good sign.  We decided to park ourselves for starters at Boulevard Cafe, having heard that it serves the best club sandwich as voted by Time Out Magazine. But we already had something to eat before we left so it was a side of coffee and fruits.

Our view was amazing, both the Burj Khalifa and The Address in front of us, the downtown burj arcade, buzzing with people. The cafe was about 70% full, the perfect spot to view the new year fireworks. We ordered black coffee and a fruit salad which was lovely, however the portion was tiny – it’s all about the location I guess. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for long as we had so many hours to kill before midnight so we decided to walk around and snap shots as we went along.

View of Burj Khalifa from Souk Al Bahar;

View of Burj Khalifa from Old Town Palace Hotel;

We scouted several potential view spots of the fireworks, taking into account the extent of the smoke of the fireworks, the fountain show and the overall view.  Along the way, we found new eateries (that we would like to try), shops, potential future residential spots! and I have to say, the view, the environment, the buzzyness of downtown burj area is really enticing! I dread to see how much it would cost to have all of that on your doorstep. We stopped at Starbucks for a good couple of hours chatting about the area, our future and we played 101 questions about the old year and the new year which was fun (but at times got abit too serious).  After several coffee stops, smoothie slurps and toilet breaks, we parked ourselves in front of Qamardeen Hotel along Dubai Mall boulevard. I forgotten to bring along with me a jacket and was suffering from the cold! I’ve acclimatized to the Dubai weather! How am I going to survive cold weather again?!

Anyway, we waited until the clock striked 1minute to midnight and there she blows!

A good whole 5 minutes of fireworks and fountain display, it was well worth the wait I have to say. Although it did look very similar to it’s grand opening. But, what can I say, it was still spectacular and very grand! The shots and video that we took were amazing, towards the end of it, the tower looked like it was on fire. The spot that we chose was good as we saw almost everything apart from the fountain show which as abit far away. We had the local tv crew perched in front of us as well so the crowd was big.

When it was over, that’s when the nightmare began, another trawl getting out of the place onto Sheik Zayed Road or Al Khail Road for that matter. Both were chokka block, we spent a good 1hr trying to get out, moving inch by inch, accompanied with a lot of beeping, hand gestures and words being mouthed through car windows. What an experience! I’m glad I’m not the driver!

With that being said, we got home well after bedtime, 2am I think it was, both tired and knackered. I am now suffering from the flu, having caught a chill that night.  What a way to start the year huh? With all this time in my hand, it’s quite scary when you think about it, as I ask myself what have I done this year that’s memorable? that I’m proud of? that I love? regret? what have I achieved? did I see and do everything on my list? did I live life to the fullest? It’s scary to think that another year will just slip by without warning and I will never get it back. We are all the same aren’t we? We make new years resolution or even day to day decisions on what we want to do this year or even next week but we don’t always achieve them. I guess we will always be procrastinators – well, myself included of course, always postponing or not bothered about it, there’s always next week right?
I need to change my way of thinking, my attitude, my perspective of life to make sure that I am happy and content that I can tick off from my bucket list. Dubai is ever changing and there’s always something new and upcoming so we have to keep up with that pace of life and enjoy the rush (while we’re young anyway) because you never know what might happen (touch wood).
So that being said… sorry for ending on a sad note… Happy New Year, may 2011 bring you joy, love, peace and luck. Live life to the fullest! Or if you’re happy as you are, live it happily!