>Cheese Platter and Smoked Salmon Night


I’m not sure if I mentioned during our Christmas rush buys I managed a 2for1 packet of smoked salmon from Carrefour’s festival deals. It was a deal that I couldn’t resist having tasted smoked salmon in a recent brunch work-do and my sudden interest for salmon sashimi! I’m going out of my comfort zone and trying new foods and of course new way of preparation.
So anyway, I decided to have a cheese and smoked salmon night, think this was a day in between Chrisstmas and New Years. We also got 2 blocks of lovely cheese, one was smoked cheddar and the other was plain cheddar cheese. We enjoyed them with some Ryvita crackers, edamame, cucumber salad, dill dip, chicken olive cold cuts and sundried tomatoes.

Not forgetting a lovely bottle of rose vino, our recent favourite…

A self made canape, just trying out putting two and two together. Who says you cannot break the boundaries? Although it had a very interesting taste… too many actually, going on in my mouth! Should have stuck to only 3.

We love our little cheese and wine nights, always a treat to have a break from cooking and from eating heavy meals but I do like warm hearty meals, all that was missing was a nice bowl of hot soup – always the Chinese in me wanting hot soup! But like my husband says, you can always get warm with a few glasses of wine! Suffice to say, I turned red and slept like a baby that night.