>Two Quick Easy Dinners before Chrisstmas


What can I say? I absolutely love tofu, in any shape, form, size, texture… I love it! Having had leftover cold Wakame and Cucumber salad from the previous dinner, I added on some panfried tofu steaks and topped it up with Japanese 7spice chilli powder (I think that’s what it’s called). It was lovely dovely… Will definitely make it again as it was fast and simple.
2 lebanese cucumbers, sliced
1 cup dried wakame, soaked in hot water
1/2 square of a block of tofu, sliced thickly

Drain and run Wakame in cold water, slice up the cucumbers and panfry the tofu. Put them together and sprinkle a generous helping of Japanese chilli powder or Thai bird’s eye chilli sauce! Phwoar!!

And for the other left overs, I turned the sauteed onions with salted black bean into a stirfry buckwheat noodles and topped with fried eggs. Yummy!

Apologies but this post is upside down! I still have yet to learn how to work this new format. This meal was made the day before the meal directly above, hence the onions with salted black beans and the Wakame Cucumber Salad images…

I couldn’t help but cook the salmon tails in the freezer, the fillets were thick and crying out to be cooked and eaten. The steaks were thick and oh so lovely after it’s been panfried, accompanied with sauteed onions in salted black beans and chopped up fresh coriander and spring onions. No seasonings were added as the salted black beans were salty enough and could hold the taste on its own. Topped with the sauteed salted black beans, the salmon was so too good to be true. I panfried the salmon for about 8min on each side as they were fairly thick, leaving a slight pinkish in the middle of the fish where every bite was soft, sweet, thick and creamy! OMGness…

Accompanying the salmon was a small bowl of left over gingered chinese cabbage stirfry and I made a side salad of Wakame and Cucumber. I absolutely love Wakame and Cucumber Salad now after having had it at both Minato and Kisaku.  Super delicious and super fresh.

There are 4 more salmon fillets in the freezer, I can’t wait to have them, but how shall I cook them this time around?! Must experiment more… oh and we also got 2 packets of smoked fresh salmon which didn’t get served for our Chrisstmas dinner so it shall be for our New Year’s party canapes? Or for the start of a new year? What do you think? Can’t wait… (I’m in a salmon craze mode at the moment, have to say though that mom will be happy I’m eating so much salmon as I used to hate them! Mom, I’ll cook loads when you’re here!)