>Salted Black Bean Salmon 2-ways with Ginger Chinese Cabbage and Pork Curry plus a Healthy Dessert


This post is the compilation of our meals this week so far starting from today apparently, working our way backwards! I’m still trying to figure out how the pictures get attached!
But I am so excited to put the pictures up from today’s dinner because it was the best ever salmon we’ve had so far. I decided to panfry the salmon tail because Lulu’s now scale the fish which makes life so much more easier and yummier! This is the 2nd way we had our salmon this week (the 1st way is below), I panfried the salmon tail for about 5-8min on each side as the fillets were quite thick. On the side, I sauteed some chopped garlic and onions with half a can of salted black bean sauce until the onions have caramelised then tossed in the chopped fresh coriander and spring onion – closing the lid to “melt” it down.

We had the salmon with a side of left over ginger chinese cabbage and also Wakame and Cucumber Salad.

For our Monday and Tuesday dinners, we had lovely pork cube curry, made with lots of onions and garlic and tomato puree with the best curry powder (from Malaysia)!

Gingered chinese cabbage;

This was the 1st salmon with salted black bean sauce meal that we had, accompanied with roasted vegetables of broccoli, carrots, onions, fresh mushrooms and brussel sprouts.

I steamed the salmon the first time around, topping the fish tail with fresh coriander and spring onion and salted black beans.  Wrapped in foil, each parcel were steamed for 15min.

This one was drowning in herbs, just the way I like it!

I found some barley in my cupboard as I was doing some “spring cleaning” the other day, putting two and two together in my head, this little beauty was created.

I pre cooked the barley and left it to cool. Meanwhile, I mixed 3cups of yoghurt with 1packet of lemon flavoured jelly. I then created layers – pressed barley at the base, the yoghurt mixture in between and topped with “crumbled” barley at the top.

I placed it in the freezer for a while which was a mistake as I had to wait for it to thaw before being able to eat it. It should just go in the fridge for a couple of hours which should be enough. We topped it with lemon curd for a little sweetness. Yummo! How simple and easy is that? You can make it in your sleep! 🙂