>Chrisstmas Bakings Strikes Again


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Chrisstmas! Yay, another 2 more days till Chrisstmas, CAN’T WAIT! Finally brought out and arranged our Chrisstmas ‘sleigh’. Found a nice little corner and a festive coloured throw to accompany the gifts that we’ve received and bought. But we were a little naughty, we couldn’t resist but open a few already and it was well worth it!
From my husband, I got 3 pairs of tops and bottoms from Diesel, a Bloomingdales Dubai Teddy Bear and a personalised bracelet with an attached charm of his wedding ring fingerprint and a sweet message at the back! From me to my husband, Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition Strategy Guide.  Few more surprises to open yet for each other, can we wait? or can we not?!
This is a picture of the stuffed shortbread – dates (left) and rose marzipan (right), covered in crumbly soft, buttery shortbread crust!
Today, I decided to make a favourite of my husband, by request, Rum & Raisin Truffles.  I decided to make it healthier than the normal truffles, taken from one of my favourite raw chef – Matthew Kenney.
The ingredients and their amounts are just estimates and added as and when required accordingly as I stirred the mixture together.  The main ingredients are:
cooking chocolate (70% cocoa), melted
date paste
dessicated coconut
raisin, soaked in rum, pureed
almond powder
cocoa powder
  1. First, puree the rum and raisin, add in the date paste which has been softened. I do this by soaking the dried dates in hot water and leave till softened. Mash it evenly.
  2. Place the wet ingredients in with the almond powder, dessicated coconut and melted chocolate and stir evenly.
3.  Place all ingredients closely together for easy movement and start by rolling the mixture into balls, then coating them with cocoa powder.

I tried rolling one into the melted chocolate but it didn’t work as the truffles were abit too soft and wet.

I made an assortment of truffles, some coated and some not;

Drizzled some chocolate over some and covered some with chocolate. Place them in the fridge to harden a little bit. The chocolate will harden but the truffle will stay soft and moist.

After that, I decided to have some Chrisstmasy fragrance linger in the house so I made some Speculaas! I’ve always loved Speculaas, especially the cinnamon smell – with nutmeg, clove and ginger. YUM!!! Dunk them in with coffee, enjoyed as breakfast.

These lovely truffles turn out just amazing. The outer chocolate shell hardened but the inside stayed moist and juicy. The rum wasn’t too overpowering but the taste and smell are still obvious, and after having 10 of them, I don’t feel drunk at all! Score! 🙂

When my husband stepped into the apartment, I wished him Merry Chrisstmas and popped one in his mouth as the start of our Chrisstmas holidays. Most importantly, he approves of the truffles. In his own words “Mmm… it’s so good!” He’s off for the next 4 days which is great. We’re going to have such a blast! I do hope you try them out, they are so delicious and not forgetting, healthier than the normal truffle version too. So enjoy! We still have our Chrisstmas cake to try yet! Can’t wait! Have a great Chrisstmas everyone!