>When Suzanne Cooks – Suzanne Husseini’s Cookbook Launch at Bloomingdales Dubai Mall


I had the privilege of attending the launching of Suzanne Husseini’s cookbook in Bloomingdales Dubai Mall last night. When Motivate Publishing sent me the email, I immediately RSVP’d as I was looking forward to receiving this notification since I first saw Suzanne cook in August 2010 at the Crate & Barrel new line launch. Her style of cooking, the freshness and ingredients that she used made me want to know more and when she mentioned in August that she was working on a cookbook, I couldn’t wait.
4months later, here we are and I was the 2nd person to purchase her book as I got there early, got to chat with her and got her to sign my book!  She’s such a lovely grounded person who has such a lovely smile and love for cooking from the heart and soul.  So here are the pics of my own copy of Suzanne’s cookbook with a personal message especially to me. I had such a fantastic day! My mind was still buzzing till 1am before I went to sleep!
I had such a blast, I’m so glad I went there earlier to catch her alone, preparing for her cooking demonstration and book signing. I cannot wait to try out the recipes in her book, they all look so delectable, wholesome and so delicious! Her book would be the first Arabic cookbook that I’ve got on my shelf so far… I’m going to start my Arabic journey through Suzanne. Thanks Suzanne!
So, the book launch was held at Bloomingdale’s at Dubai Mall, the home section was set up for book signing and a quick cooking demonstration. Slowly, the area began to fill up with people, some alone, some with friends and finally the star of the day, Suzanne made an appearance at around 6.45pm.

Formal pictures and speeches were made by the representatives of Bloomingdale’s Dubai and Motivate Publishing.

And it was time for Suzanne to say a few words. She thanked everyone for being there, thanked her family especially her mother who was her inspiration and she got choked up and emotional from being so overwhelmed, happy and humbled by her dream coming true.

She did a quick demonstration of one of her recipes, Arabic Shortbread which took about 20min or so, and took questions from the audience while the paparazzi snapped on!  After the demonstration, she moved on to book signing, the crowd was massive and the line was long. I am so glad I got her just before the rush!

In and amongst that, she pre-made favours from her cookbook, spinach and cheese pastries, chicken and pomegranate tarts, chickpea patties;

Ricotta stuffed Medjool dates with pistachios and almond, baklava;

And Arabic Shortbread with pinenut and a sesame and pistachio cookie.

Suffice to say I had several helpings myself and I swear the waiters were avoiding me by the end of the 1st round. I had to chase after them to grab some food! They were so hard to resist. But my favourite was definitely the stuffed Medjool date, it was so delicious! But I did like the others too! We were also served with sparkling apple champagne and pure fruit juices. Just wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and am so glad I got her book. I also walked away with a Bloomingdale’s goodie bag! 🙂 Happy Happy!
PS: Mom, I’ll cook some Arabic food for you when you get here, also if you like, we can get a copy of Suzanne’s cookbook for you! Hope it gives you a nice introduction to Arabic cooking and will continue to enjoy it when you go back to NZ.