>Festive Cooking Demonstration at Asado, Old Town Palace Hotel


I was so chuffed when I was informed that I won one of 10 places at the Asado Cooking Demonstration at The Palace Hotel (in Old Town) from BBC Good Food ME. I was torn however, with the fact that I would miss the exciting launch of new classes and new moves at the gym but having thought about it back and forth, discussing it with my husband, I made the decision to go to the cooking demonstration. I am so glad I went because not only did I learn how to make 3 delightful dishes, I had a lovely cup of coffee with macaroons and chocolate pistachio biscotti in the lobby cafe, a beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa, found an Argentinian Restaurant (Asado) and on top of that I made new foodie friends!
We started off with a quick introduction by Chef Jean Luc, he was of French origins, speaking with passion of what he was going to be demonstrating and the agenda for the day. Asado (I thought it was Japanese cuisine) was rustic and wooden, very country like, warm and homely interior. Very steakhouse like, which it is. A Japanese named Argentinian Restaurant with a French Chef… only in Dubai! We were shown our seats which were arranged in front of the kitchen, however we were soon inside the kitchen, close up with the pots and pans and the chefs in the kitchen! It was exciting and felt part of the kitchen feeling the heat from the stove and oven while Chef Jean Luc explains every single step he was taking and ingredients he was using.

On the agenda of the cooking demonstration was:
Marinated Salmon with Festive Spices
Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing
Chestnut Parfait

The cooking demonstration started at 11am and lasted till 12.30pm when we were then told that we would enjoy the feast that we just went through. I was really looking forward to the meal. We started mingling and started getting to know each other through our passion of food, chatting about our backgrounds, our food loves and hates, restaurant findings in Dubai, places to try and places to visit. I had a great time and I’m so glad I decided to go!

First up was the starter, marinated salmon with festive spices served with orange infused fennel bulb and a sweet vinegarette topped with slices of green apples.

For the main course, we had the most succulent, tender roasted turkey, roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetable fritatta, steamed stuffing and half a baked green apple, topped with gravy.

And dessert, chestnut parfait with whole honey chestnuts, caramel and a sprinkling of pistachio nuts.

Amongst the chit chats and small talks, Shona (PR Manager of The Palace) joined us and we were exchanging knowledge and information, getting to know each other where our common ground was food! What a great way to meet new friends.  We ended the delicious meal with a cup of green tea in the cutest cast iron teapot.

Thank you to The Palace Hotel Old Town, Shona Sweeney and BBC Good Food ME for the opportunity. And of course Asado and to Chef Jean Luc for his wonderful knowledge and demonstration, so inspiring to see someone so passionate with cooking and food!