>Dinner at Kisaku and Our Weekend at Deira


Last weekend we finally booked for dinner at Kisaku, an infamous Japanese restaurant here in Dubai with the Japanese expat community. You cannot question that, if it’s packed with Japanese expats, you know it’s good. Having heard and read so much about it, we were looking forward to our dinner there and I have to say, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We started off with drinks, my husband ordered Heineken and for me a bottle of water and Japanese Plum Wine – Delish! We were greeted with a complimentary entree which I think was Cold Cucumber and Squid salad with sweet teriyaki like sauce. It definitely got my tastebuds tingling!

The waitress was lovely and very patient with us as the menu was so extensive we didn’t know what to order! We wanted to try everything.  She explained portion size and ingredients and was very knowledgeable.  She was clearly Japanese which makes this place all the more authentic.  She asked us which of our orders we would like as starters which was nice.

Our starters were Wakame Salad, Edamame and Gyoza. They were super delicious and so fresh. The Wakame Salad was pure wakame (and not substituted and filled with cucumber) with a sweet onion relish at the top. The gyoza was just perfect, the best we’ve ever had so far. The gyoza skin was light and soft and the meat was velvety and smooth. The gyoza was finished with a light pan fry which gave it a subtle crispy layer and it wasn’t too oily.

We had our fair share of ordering the mains, not knowing portion size (except recommended by the waitress) we ordered Tepanyaki Baby Asparagus, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Mixed Yakitori, Prawn Tempura and Mixed (Crumbed Assorted Meats/Seafood).

The mixed yakitori included chicken wings, chicken liver, pork, bacon, bacon and asparagus, mince, beef and prawns. The mixed crumbed meat/seafood balls included calamari, prawns, pork and chicken. They were lovely. I especially liked the chicken liver, slightly strong to the taste but it’s been a while since we’ve had them and I thoroughly enjoyed them teriyaki style! The sashimi was super fresh, velvety and soft, the wasabi and daikon was oh so lovely… I cannot fault anything, we just loved it all. We were glad that the portions were small, leaving us slightly uncomfortable but satisfied!

I fancied some miso soup after all that, to wash my palette and I was also getting abit cold, having been in the restaurant for 2.5hrs enjoying ourselves!

AND, not forgetting some sweeties, a fresh fruit platter and some delicious Matcha and Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream to leave us satisfied but promising to go back for another visit. We definitely want to try the other items on the menu, I’m sure it’ll be good. All in all, it was a great meal and we loved it. Kisaku is in Al Kaleej Palace and it definitely warrants a second (third, forth, fifth…) visit!

The next few days we spent in Deira, experience and absorbing old cultural Dubai – but we ended up in Deira City Centre instead! Talk about cultural experience, but I’m sure you can obviously tell that it is my fault, yes, I suggested a visit to Deira City Centre and we spent most of our weekend time there rather than outside. Whoopsie! My bad…

I’ve read so much about this little restaurant inside Iconic called Wild Ginger and was keen to try it out. Dragging my husband along, he was keen too so we decided on having dinner there after our exhaustive shopping stint at Iconic! My Bad!

The place, decor, design and layout of the restaurant was really cut and quaint. It had open long wooden tables as well as side soft couch dining. The lighting was warm, the interior design was funky and young and has a combination of stylings from Noodle House and Noodle Factory. The menu was tick your pick which was fun and convenient for us.

Our orders were Japanese Fried Seafood Rice (which was on special), Sweet & Sour Chicken and Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls.

And Braised Tofu with Seasonal Vegetables and Thai Mince Chicken with Holy Basil and Chilli.

The portions were abit tiny, although we were glad because we weren’t left uncomfortably full but we expected more for the price. This place is slightly cheaper than Noodle House (which has a closer menu link than Noodle Factory) but it is justified (or unjustified by the portion size). You can pay more at Noodle House and you get more at Noodle House. But the food was nice, the meal tasted really wholesome and didn’t leave us with dry mouths after that. The MSG wasn’t there, or wasn’t much which was good! We also had some lovely ice tea (out of a can) and coffee.  We would definitely go back again as there were some interesting meals on the menu which we want to try for next time… (plus some more Iconic and Superdry shopping for sure!)