>More Foods throughout the Months 2

>In celebration of Diwali, we got some sweets from Lulu’s, having sampled everything on the spread by a lovely server, we chose a few of our favourites. Not sure what they’re called but they’re mainly made from condense milk, rice flour, mungbean flour, cashew&chickpea flour and more.When we visited Lulu’s for our weekly grocery shopping, we picked up a duck and my husband roasted it with 5 spice powder for dinner. He’s done a great job of it, it came out juicy and tender, along with several roasted vege sides, we enjoyed it with plum and hoisin sauces.
Just lovely! He’s the chief duck roaster of the family! I’ve never roasted a duck before I have to say. So, I’ll leave it up to the expert chef to roast ducks in the future! 🙂 Thanks baby
I’m not sure I might have mentioned this before. We went on our trip to UK and found a lovely whole food store and got some raw chocolate pies. I’ve got the ingredients for them and more and will attempt to try them out. I’ve also attained books from Ani Phyo and Russell James, both so inspiring so I will be attempting raw wholesome and goodness food throughout the year. Lets do some testing and trying… can’t wait!

Oh by the way, we chose the Nut Pie, Festive Pie and Raw Pie;
This one just came out of no where, fish cakes burgerless burgers… (substitute with eggplant instead 😉
Pan fried eggplant slices;
Pan fried fish cakes (a mix of salmon and hamour fishes, spring onion, coriander, salt, pepper, Thai Red Chilli Paste, breadcrumbs, olive oil and eggs);
Caramelised onions;
TA-DA! Eggplant Fish Cake Burger!
The weekends, we enjoy some naughty food especially when Christmas is drawing near! This is a festive ginger spice muffin from Costa Coffee;
An assorted cheese platter, light gouda, brie and welsh cheddar with rye crisp bread;
Fancy some Indian Curry? Veal rendang with pumpkin;
Some crispy (almost burnt) poppadoms and chicken cous cous;
With a side of cauliflower soup and onions;
I also made vegetable and a bacon, mushroom and tomato quiche which I am so proud of. For the crust, I mixed chickpea flour with water and oil – healthier than the normal quiche crust and much more tastier too, but alas, my hubby didn’t really like it as much.
For the vegetarian quiche, I layered eggplant, tomato, spinach, onions and eggs;
And for the other quiche, bacon, tomato, mushroom, onions, ricotta and eggs;
Sorry for the multiple pictures, I just can’t get over the lovely images of the layers and the crust, it came out so well!
Having read other local bloggers, I decided to place and order of bread online through a swiss company, baking locally. So I ordered a pure rye bread and wheatmeal croissants. They were lovely, but they were TINY! For the price they were, I’d say not really worth it eventhough their ingredients hail from Switzerland.
More pappadoms for curry night and fresh veges for cabbage wrap!
Curry, fresh coriander and spring onion, tauge and pan fried tofu wrapped in lightly steamed cabbage leaves;
Infusion of loads of different foods here, vegetarian and meaty, hot and cold, I love exploring different tastes and methods all together. Sometimes it’s hard work preparing so much but it’s all worth it to me eventhough my husband disagrees! Too much work he says… no wonder you’re so tired all the time! 😉 *oops*