>Dubai National Day Weekend

>We went down to JBR on Thursday as it was Dubai National Day for walkies and found that there were some things going on along the walk. So for my part in celebrating National Day, I decided to get my hand tattoo-ed by an Emirati lady with Henna Ink.It was lovely! But I didn’t know what to do with it because it wasn’t suppose to look like that – but then as we walked and talked, it kind hardened and started peeling off… then it was like a lightbulb that came on, on top of my head, the henna ink would leave a stain on your skin whilst the ink itself would come off once it’s dried!!!! Duh!!
The next day, we went to Festival City for an ARTE Fair, found Cafe Nero at a corner little nook that looked like a little English/Italian cafe, sat down and enjoyed morning coffee.
This picture was taken after 2days when the ink settled and turned dark brown from the original orange colour it was. It’s lovely! I’m so chuffed by it for some reason.